The Babies Revisited

How are some of the One Born families getting on, now their babies are back home and in their first few months? Watch video exclusives

One Born Every Minute

Two sets of expectant parents wait to meet their babies: Ralph and Janet fell in love on their last day at school together, while Stephanie says 'I'm a real wimp when it comes to pain!'

First shown: 10 Jan 2011 Strong language This programme is subtitled

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Channel 4 Tue 04 Apr, 9pm Series 10 Episode 1

The Babies Revisited

Find out how our families coped with their latest additions, now a few months old, back home!


Shorts: The Dads

  • Three Men and Their Babies

    Is there more to being a young dad than sleepless nights, nappy disasters and no social life?

  • From Lad to Dad

    Darren's life used to be the pub, the footie and his mates. But everything changed when he became dad to twin boys.

  • Baby Bonding

    Al has lots of tricks up his sleeve when it comes to creating a strong bond with his young son Ted.

  • Big Kid

    How easy has it been for Michael to put down his comic books and computer games and become a responsible grown-up?

Help and Support

Our 4Viewers site has help and support on childbirth and fertility

Baby Journey

Taking you from week one and the first trimester right through to week 40, including overdue pregnancies

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