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Obsessive cleaners team up to clean some of Britain's dirty homes

About the Show

Obsessive cleaners team up to clean some of Britain's dirty homes

  • 2016: Obsessive Compulsive Country House Cleaners

    2016: Obsessive Compulsive Country House Cleaners

    Glen from Watford and Caren from Manchester travel to the west of Ireland to help Ursula shift the mess and clutter from the upper floors of Tarbert House

  • 2016: Obsessive Compulsive Country House Cleaners

    Two diagnosed OCD cleaners head for Forcett Hall, North Yorkshire, where James and Alison's plans to start a B&B are being hindered by junk, unruly vines, and bird poo in the bathroom sink

  • 2016: Obsessive Compulsive Country House Cleaners

    Can a group of obsessive cleaners rescue some of Britain's most spectacular homes from years of neglect, grime and clutter?

  • Series 5: Sandra & Karl and Maxine & Dianne

    Cafe owner Sandra helps Karl in his Norfolk boat, while Maxine visits ex-librarian Dianne, who hasn't cleaned her Norwich home in three years and eats breakfast in a cafe opposite

  • Series 5: Natasha & Suzanne and Vijay & Poly

    Croatian-born Natasha helps Suzanne clean her chaotic, two-bed home, while Vijay, a man of five Hoovers, helps jewellery maker Poly in north London

  • Series 5: Mick, Rosemary & Julian and Dave & Les

    Specialist crime-scene cleaner Mick helps Rosemary and Julian with their cluttered home, while professional motorbike cleaner Dave meets hoarder Les and his mountain of junk

  • Series 5: Lauren & Sarah and Emma & John

    Lauren from Dunstable helps Sarah sort through ten years of unused toys, clothes and out-of-date food, while germophobe Emma visits John in his cluttered Peak District home.

  • Series 5: Tom & Gareth and Louise & Paula

    Tom visits Gareth, whose home hasn't been cleaned in 20 years. And Louise meets Paula in her chaotic Wokingham home.

  • Series 4: Michelle & Susanne and Amar & Sylvia

    Michelle, who loves minimalism and order, meets clutterbug Susanne. And steam clean lover Amar visits hoarder poet Sylvia in south east London.

  • Series 4: Kelly & Ken and Louise & Jose

    Former beauty queen Kelly helps retired chef Ken and his cat. And Louise meets Jose, who's hoarded so much stuff for his DIY projects he hasn't been in his living room for five years.

  • Series 4: Julie & Ken and Krystal & April

    Plumber Julie, whose loo is so clean you can drink from it, helps Ken in Norfolk. And full-time mum Krystal meets April, whose home has become swamped by clutter.

  • Series 4: Tracey & Kerry and Shelley & Lee

    Bank worker Tracey, from Yorkshire, helps Kerry and her house of foster dogs. And Shelley meets amateur inventor Lee, who's filled his house with items salvaged from skips.

  • Series 4: Gemma & Annia and Dai & Michelle

    Gemma, who makes her Chihuahuas wear boots indoors, helps single mum Annia, a self-confessed hoarder in Norwich. And Dai meets Michelle and her menagerie.

  • Series 4: Kris & Edwina and Fiona & Jenny & Paul

    First is 34-year-old medical scientist Kris who spends over 22 hours a week keeping his three bed in Wakefield germ free. The second is OCD diagnosed 41-year-old beauty therapist Fiona from Bedford.

  • Series 4: Carly & Nesta and Rob & Soo

    Zoo keeper Nesta gets help with from super-clean Carly at her over-run Staffordshire house. And college lecturer Rob visits charity shop fan Soo.

  • 2015: Country House Rescue

    In Ireland, retired civil engineer Michael Keaney's splendid home has never been dusted and is full of antiques and stacks of family photos. Can two obsessive cleaners reclaim it?

  • 2015: Country House Rescue

    2015: Country House Rescue

    Cleaners Ben and Lynsey help Colin Peck declutter his listed Georgian spread in Derry, Northern Ireland, that's overwhelmed with rubbish

  • 2015: Country House Rescue

    Cleaners Hayley and Dann visit Plas Teg, a haunted Grade I listed 17th century Jacobean manor in north Wales, which is home to Cornelia and her 12 cats and some grime

  • 2015: Country House Rescue

    Country Houses Rescue offers a new twist on the popular cleaning show. Obsessive cleaners Vinny and Denise visit the Grade II listed 18th century Georgian country house Top-Y-Fron Hal.

  • Series 3: Christmas Special

    Lynsey, Mark and Amanda show how to make for a tidier, cleaner Yuletide, with good Christmas card management, evenly spaced festive decorations and a bacteria-free Christmas tree

  • Series 3: Kerry & Vikki and Tina & Mike

    Glamour model Kerry from Essex helps fellow Essex mum Vikki, whose toilet hasn't been cleaned in four years. And Tina from Slough helps Mike from Ipswich with his junk-filled home.

  • Series 3: Andy & Hayley and Charlie & Antoinette

    Andy from Reigate, who weeds his patio daily, helps Hayley, who hasn't cleaned her microwave since the 90s. And garden designer Charlie helps Antoinette in Dorset with her clutter.

  • Series 3: Amanda & Janine and Mark & Avril

    Essex business manager Amanda helps Janine, who is a bit of a hoarder, and industrial cleaner Mark, from Leicester, meets unemployed bargain hunter Avril in Chiswick, London

  • Series 3: Dann, Charlotte & Dom and Angela & Lorraine

    The first cleaning volunteer is 23-year-old council worker Dann, from Nottingham, who helps out Charlotte and Dom, from Portsmouth, who haven't cleaned their flat in a year

  • Series 3: Claire & Sue & Roger and Lynne, Mark & Karl

    Claire from Burnley meets Sue and Roger in Hertfordshire who are swamped by clutter. And old school cleaner Lynne visits bachelor boys Mark and Karl.

  • Series 3: Caren & Linda and Jamie & Mick

    Caren meets Linda and her son Matt, who have being living among clutter for nine years. And Jamie, from Somerset, helps out Mick in his messy north-London flat.

  • Series 3: Gemma & Jim and Angie & Brian

    Gemma, from Hertfordshire, who goes through two vacuum cleaners a year, meets cross-dressing hoarder Jim. And Angie meets Brian, who thinks cleaning is 'woman's work'.

  • Series 3: Claire & Charlie and Andy & Ian

    London hairdresser Claire, who spends 22 hours a week keeping her one-bedroom flat immaculate, helps out 67-year-old ex-binman Charlie from Hemel Hempstead, who's down to his last clean teaspoon

  • Series 2: Alison & Dusty and Helen & Janet

    OCD sufferer, Alison from Morton visits Waltham Cross to help confirmed bachelor and cowboy fan Dusty Rhodes. Also waging a war on dirt is Helen, from East Sussex, who meets Janet, from Luton.

  • Series 2: Sarah & Louise and Adam & Lara

    Sarah has filled most of her house with her hoard. Volunteering to help is OCD-diagnosed Louise, who cleans daily for eight hours. And Adam helps Lara, whose home hasn't had a deep clean in 12 years.

  • Series 2: Glen & David and Zahra & Jo

    Obsessive cleaner, Glen from Watford meets hoarder David on the Isle of Wight. Obsessive organiser Zahra heads to Bridgend to meet shop owner Jo, who admits she needs some help de-cluttering.

  • Series 2: Louise & Tim and Victoria & Lesley

    Louise meets Tim, who only really cleans his kitchen at Easter and Christmas. And Victoria helps Lesley, who hasn't cleaned her flat properly in 19 years.

  • Series 2: Richard & Linda, Louise & Michelle

    Former air steward Richard visits dog minder Linda from Brentwood, Essex. And Louise from Wiltshire meets hoarder Michelle, from Swindon, whose collection includes baby dolls.

  • Series 2: Sarah, Andy & Mikk and Ben & Gerri

    Sarah from Bedfordshire visits brothers Andy and Mikk in their unruly junkyard-home in Coventry. And Ben heads to Guildford to help Gerri with her upcycling problem.

  • Series 2: Jade & Deborah and Lynsey & Scott

    Jade from Cornwall meets Deborah and her six goats in Dunstable. And clutter bug and amateur inventor Scott locks horns with self-confessed control freak Lynsey in Blackpool.

  • Series 2: Lesley, Tuesday & Sonia and Vinny & Robin

    Among the cleaners this time are OCD-diagnosed mother and daughter Lesley and Tuesday, from Bridgend, and fitness instructor Vinny from Sheffield

  • Series 1: James & Jodi, Kristy, Kay & Dilip

    James helps mum-of-two Jodi, while Kristy, whose nickname is Dettol queen, helps de-clutter the home of Kay and Dillip, and has a revelation about her own cleaning obsession while she does

  • Series 1: Cynthia & Daphne

    Former opera singer Cynthia, who has a life-long fear of germs and bacteria, helps 75-year-old Daphne from Gloucestershire, who's lost control of the clutter in her cottage

  • Series 1: Hayley & Shereen, Penny, Paul & Elaine

    Series following people who are obsessed with cleaning. In this edition 27-year-old OCD sufferer Hayley helps library assistant Shereen, who last cleaned her flat a year ago.

  • Series 1: Mark & Julie, Cheyza & Amanda

    Mark from Hampshire visits single mum Julie from Lancashire to help with her hoarding, Cheyza helps Oxfordshire shopaholic Amanda, and the team clean a swimming pool in Derbyshire.

  • Series 1: Denise & Frank, Adam & Helen

    Two more compulsive cleaners are matched up with people whose homes are in need of a spring clean, including retired British Aerospace engineer Frank from Chipping Sodbury

  • Series 1: Richard & Christopher, Michele & Richard

    In this series compulsive cleaner Linda Dykes leads a team of like-minded people to help clean Britain's dirty homes and filthy public spaces. Linda's first recruit is 31-year-old Richard Searle.