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Obsessive cleaners team up to clean some of Britain's dirty homes

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Obsessive cleaners team up to clean some of Britain's dirty homes

Series 2 Summary

The second series of the show which matches people who, by their own admission, cannot stop cleaning, with someone whose home is in dire need of a spring clean.

Together these people with contrasting compulsions explore how their behaviour affects their lives.

The series also features a new strand: The Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Guide To... in which a team of obsessive cleaners reveal their fears and phobias about everyday places and objects.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

    Episode 1 - Lesley, Tuesday and Sonia and Vinny and Robin

    Among the cleaners this time are OCD-diagnosed mother and daughter Lesley and Tuesday, from Bridgend, who live a germ and clutter-free existence.

    Lesley cleans for up to 16 hours a day and Tuesday as much as six. Now they're taking time out to help single mother Sonia in Farnham, Hampshire, whose house is filled with 20 years of clutter.

    Also waging a war on dirt is gym owner and fitness instructor Vinny from Sheffield, who spends up to three entire months each year cleaning and tidying and uses anti-bacterial lotion on his hands up to 100 times a day.

    Vinny heads to Margate to help Robin, a dog lover who hasn't cleaned his house properly since he moved in five years ago. Robin shares his home with six dogs. It's so filthy that his partner Kevin refuses to spend more than one day a fortnight at the property he co-owns.

    And the obsessive cleaners confront one of their biggest fears - toilets.

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    Episode 2 - Jade and Deborah and Lynsey and Scott

    Jade from Cornwall meets Deborah from Dunstable and Deborah's six goats. And clutter-bug and amateur inventor Scott locks horns with self-confessed control freak Lynsey in Blackpool.

    Jade is from St Austell and cleans uninterrupted for six hours every day. Her fear of coming into contact with grease is so bad she uses sandwich bags on her hands and hates any form of pet hair and mess.

    Jade is taking time out of her cleaning routine to help 48-year-old Deborah, from Dunstable, who is known locally as 'goat lady'. Deborah's three bedroom house has been overrun by her six goats, who have free run of the kitchen, living room and conservatory. Self-confessed control freak Lynsey can vacuum upto 20 times a day. Lynsey is going to the home of newly married couple Scott and Faith from Blackpool.

    Scott is an amateur inventor who's constantly collecting scrap and their house is full to bursting point. Scott's stubborn streak surfaces when he and Lynsey don't see eye to eye.

    And the team of obsessive cleaners confront one of their biggest fears - shopping centres.

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    Episode 3 - Sarah and Andy and Mikk and Ben and Gerri

    Sarah from Bedfordshire visits brothers Andy and Mikk in their unruly junkyard-home in Coventry. And Ben heads to Guildford to help Gerri with her upcycling problem.

    And the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Guide To... confronts the complex issue of eating out.

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    Episode 4 - Richard and Linda and Louise and Michelle

    Former air steward Richard, from Hastings, bleaches and cleans his fridge four times a week and plumps his cushions daily. Richard helps dog minder Linda, from Brentwood, Essex, who can have up to ten dogs in her home at any one time and would rather spend time with her canine companions than cleaning.

    Civil servant Louise, from Wiltshire, cleans her sink 18 times a day, going through 17 bottles of bleach per week. Louise goes to Swindon to help Michelle, who is a hoarder, including a collection of lifelike baby dolls.

    And the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners team confront their fear of public gyms.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

    Episode 5 - Louise and Tim and Victoria and Lesley

    Louise meets Tim, who only really cleans his kitchen at Easter and Christmas. And Victoria helps Lesley, who hasn't cleaned her flat properly in 19 years.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

    Episode 6 - Glen and David and Zahra and Jo

    Glen from Watford spends 13 hours each week cleaning his one-bedroom flat. He visits a former hotel on the Isle of Wight, which is owned by David, whose collections include an estimated 300,000 books, 10 African masks, a strait jacket, three parachutes, 25 military uniforms and a range of magician's props.

    Obsessive organiser Zahra, who vacuums eight times a day, heads to Bridgend to meet shop owner Jo, who admits she needs some help decluttering her home.

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    Episode 7 - Sarah and Louise and Adam and Lara

    Vintage stall owner Sarah has so much clutter that she has filled sheds, a gazebo and much of her house with her hoard. Volunteering to help Sarah is OCD-diagnosed Louise, who cleans daily for eight hours.

    Forecast analyst Adam spends three hours a day cleaning his flat. He helps Lara, whose home hasn't had a deep clean in 12 years.

    Plus, the team of obsessive cleaners reveal their fears and phobias about nail bars and hairdressers.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

    Episode 8 - Alison and Dusty and Helen and Janet

    Alison was diagnosed with OCD six years ago and spends more than 30 hours a week keeping her five-bedroom home in Morton, Lincolnshire, in immaculate shape. Alison goes to Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, to help confirmed bachelor and cowboy fan Dusty Rhodes.

    Also waging a war on dirt is Helen, from East Sussex, who meets Janet, from Luton, whose passion for haberdashery has taken over the house.

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Obsessive cleaners team up to clean some of Britain's dirty homes

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