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Publicly, the partnership of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore was a perfect match of comedy genius. Yet privately, their creative relationship was fraught with tension and resentment. Theirs is a story of life-long love and mindless promiscuity, of high life and despair, of ambition and failure, of huge success and the price paid for it.

This revealing drama takes the audience from the West End of London in the 1960s, through Los Angeles and Broadway to Peter's tragic death in 1995. It's a tale of two very different men who collaborated to create an extraordinary body of comic work, a story where the tragedy of real life contrasts sharply with the comedy of two outstanding minds.

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This affectionate, witty and moving drama looks at the genius partnership of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. The riotously funny double act re-defined the art of comedy in the 20th century.