New Worlds

Angelica Fanshawe strives to protect her daughter and Catholic husband from chaos in England, while in New England the colonists struggle to throw off the control of the English Crown

First shown: 1 Apr 2014 Violent and gory scenes with images of conflict and death This programme is subtitled This programme is audio described


  • Abe Goffe

    Abe is a young, roguish, idealistic renegade,determined to make England a true republic

  • Beth Fanshawe

    The daughter of Angelica Fanshawe, Beth is torn between two worlds

  • Ned Hawkins

    Ned is the son of a wealthy and successful landowner in Hadley, Massachusetts

  • Hope Russell

    Young, idealistic, fierce and vengeful, Hope lives on the fringes of the new world


'The themes of New Worlds are all ones that young people watching the drama can relate to. Young people still feel enraged about the same injustices'