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New in Town

Ambitous food company executive Lucy Hill (Renee Zellweger) is in two minds when she's assigned to streamline an underperforming factory in snowbound Minnesota. On the one hand it definitely offers the opportunity for another promotion, while on the other she'll have to abandon her beloved - and warm - Miami.

But ambition wins out, and it's not long before she's in New Ulm, where she gets a frosty reception from the locals, who unsurprisingly aren't happy that she's arrived to make a number of them redundant.

It's not just the general unfriendliness that she must bear, she also has to deal with single parent Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr), the union boss out to save as many of the plant's employees as possible.

They don't get off to a great start, but as time goes by their attitudes do begin to thaw...

New in Town synopsis

Entertaining romantic comedy as fish-out-of-water Renee Zellwegger moves to a small town to close down a factory

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