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US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend

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US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend

Series 3 Summary

The third series of the US comedy begins with the flat-sharing friends in a state of romantic upheaval as their relationships enter a period of transition.

  • New Girl: Nick and Jess

    Episode 1 - All In

    Nick and Jess decide to give their fledgling romantic relationship a chance. They head off to a Mexican beach town for some time alone but, once there, Nick soon runs into trouble with the authorities.

    Schmidt struggles to make a decision about Cece and Elizabeth, and Winston becomes obsessed with completing a jigsaw puzzle.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 2 - Nerd

    Jess tries to fit in with a clique of unfriendly teachers at her new school, but when she takes Nick's advice on how to handle the situation it turns out to be a big mistake.

    An office party is no fun for Schmidt when both Cece and Elizabeth attend. Winston thinks Daisy is cheating on him, so he plots revenge while looking after her cat.

  • New Girl: Nick, Jess, Schmidt and Cece

    Episode 3 - Double Date

    Thinking Schmidt has chosen to be with Cece, Jess and Nick invite them to go on a double date.

    Nick is caught between loyalty to his friend and devotion to his girlfriend when he finds out a shocking secret.

    Winston promises to get the foursome a table at an ultra-exclusive restaurant that doesn't take reservations.

  • New Girl: Jess and Nick

    Episode 4 - The Captain

    A vengeful Schmidt targets Jess and Nick's relatively happy relationship.

    When Winston learns that Furguson the cat must be neutered, he is determined to give this feline one last night of carnal glory.

  • New Girl: Jess and Nick

    Episode 5 - The Box

    When Nick inherits some money from his late father, Jess is determined to put the funds to good use by secretly tackling Nick's box of unwanted responsibilities - AKA his unpaid bills.

    Feeling guilty about hurting Cece and Elizabeth, Schmidt tries to find more meaning in life and asks for guidance from Rabbi Feiglin. And Winston has an awkward question for Nick.

  • New Girl: Winston, Nick and Jess

    Episode 6 - Keaton

    In an effort to reconnect with Cece, Jess throws a Halloween party at the loft, but Cece isn't keen to attend.

    Hoping to improve Schmidt's sullen mood, Jess, Nick and Winston adopt the identity of his childhood idol, Batman actor Michael Keaton, to send him friendly emails.

  • New Girl: Cece and Artie

    Episode 7 - Coach

    A newly single Coach drops in to the loft, and wants to pick up exactly where he left off when he moved out.

    When he takes Nick, Winston and Schmidt out to a strip club, Jess and Cece get their own back by having a girls' night out, during which they meet a handsome stranger.

  • New Girl: Jess and Schmidt

    Episode 8 - Menus

    An overabundance of Chinese takeaway menus left at the loft apartment's front door is the catalyst for an interconnected series of adventures for Jess and the guys.

  • New Girl: Coach and Cece

    Episode 9 - Longest Night Ever

    Schmidt grows frantic when Coach asks Cece out, so Jess has to keep her panic-stricken friend occupied while their first date takes place.

    When Ferguson the cat escapes from the loft apartment, Nick and Winston go out in search of him and encounter a flirtatious bus driver who takes a fancy to Winston.

  • New Girl: Schmidt, Cece and Coach

    Episode 10 - Thanksgiving III

    The gang's survival skills are tested when Nick and Jess take them camping over the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Nick does his best to prove he is a manly hunter-gatherer and hasn't gone soft since he started dating Jess.

    Coach and Schmidt battle it out over who is the best woodsman, while Cece and Winston bond over their mutual distaste for the outdoors.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 11 - Clavado en un Bar

    Jess finds herself at a crossroads when she's offered a well-paid job as a fundraiser for a children's museum just as her teaching post at an overcrowded school is crushing her spirit.

    With less than half an hour to decide whether or not to take the new position, Jess turns to her friends for advice and listens to their anecdotes about how they got into their current careers.

  • New Girl: Ed and Schmidt

    Episode 12 - Basketsball

    In an effort to foster a friendship with Coach, Jess pretends to be a fan of the Pistons, his favourite basketball team, but this causes Nick to go on the offensive because he's a fan of rival squad the Bulls.

    Schmidt is assigned to mentor Ed, an older colleague at work, while Winston seeks a new career path.

  • New Girl: Jess and Cece

    Episode 13 - Birthday

    Nick enlists his friends to help arrange a perfect birthday surprise for Jess, who usually spends the day alone at the cinema to avoid having her high expectations disappointed.

    Schmidt assists Cece as she tries to master her new job as a bartender, while a mishap with the birthday cake leads Winston and Coach to get competitive in the kitchen.

  • New Girl: Jess, Prince and Nick

    Episode 14 - Prince

    Jess is ready to paint the town purple when a chance encounter on the street results in her and Cece being invited to a mansion party thrown by music legend Prince.

    Unwilling to miss out on all the fun, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Coach do their best to sneak into the event.

  • New Girl: Jess and Berkley

    Episode 15 - Exes

    When Nick has an awkward encounter with Caroline, his ex-girlfriend, Jess tries to convince him that he can still be friends with her by introducing him to her former boyfriend, Berkley.

    Coach borrows Schmidt's flat to impress a date, but things turn farcical as Schmidt arrives home hoping to entertain his own potential bedmate.

  • Episode 16 - Sister

    Jess's wild-child sister Abby visits and immediately throws the loft apartment and its inhabitants into disarray.

    Schmidt enlists Nick to be his wingman when he gate-crashes a bar mitzvah to woo a rabbi's attractive daughter.

    Winston and Bertie throw a dinner party for the gang that turns awkward when only Cece and Coach attend.

  • Episode 17 - Sister II

    Jess' sister Abby decides to stay in Los Angeles permanently and soon has her eye on one of the flatmates. In a state of panic, Jess starts searching for another place for Abby to live.

    A nervous Winston procrastinates about checking his results after sitting the Los Angeles Police Department's entrance exam.

  • Episode 18 - Sister III

    Abby and Schmidt's warp-speed relationship causes Jess to re-evaluate her and Nick's need for space and independence.

    Cece is also troubled by the way Abby has Schmidt under her control and worries that Abby is once again running a scam and taking advantage of Schmidt's generosity.

  • Episode 19 - Fired Up

    Jess hires Coach as her school's new volleyball instructor but is forced to fire him almost immediately as a result of budget cuts. Cece catches the eye of a handsome but much younger man at the bar.

    Schmidt gets sued by a man who trips over some of his possessions and breaks his arm, so he enlists Nick and Winston, who loves TV crime dramas, to represent him at the deposition.

  • Episode 20 - Mars Landing

    Jess and Nick face up to some home truths about their relationship, while Cece panics after sending Buster a series of drunken texts.

    Schmidt, Winston and Coach acquit themselves badly when they meet their attractive new neighbours for the first time, so they scramble to make a better second impression.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 21 - Big News

    On the morning after ending their relationship, Jess and Nick decide to keep their break-up secret from the other residents of the loft.

    Winston passes his police academy entrance exam and demands that the gang throw him a special celebration.

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US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend

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On the morning after ending their relationship, Jess and Nick decide to keep their break-up secret from the other residents of the loft.

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