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US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend

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US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend

Series 2 Summary

Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Cece are back for a second series of the hit US comedy about a group of flat-sharing friends.

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    Episode 1 - Re-Launch

    Jess and the gang are back with a bang - and to prove it Schmidt throws himself a 'rebranding' party in Nick's bar.

    Recently fired from her teaching job, Jess volunteers to be a 'shot girl' and finds herself working alongside a very jaded cocktail waitress.

    Winston shows a different side of his personality after drinking some of Nick's fruity concoctions. Cece introduces the gang to her new boyfriend.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 2 - Katie

    Jess finds it hard to adjust to unemployment and starts to hang out at Nick's bar, where she inadvertently captures the attention of the beer delivery man and then pretends to be a handsome stranger's blind date.

    Meanwhile, a regular at the bar claims to be a future incarnation of Nick, and Winston's mother, who can't stand Schmidt, comes to visit.

  • New Girl: Schmidt and girls

    Episode 3 - Fluffer

    Nick and Jess try to address the nature of their relationship when Nick realises that Jess is using him to do all the chores a boyfriend would do without getting any of the benefits.

    Winston finds that he has a lot on his mind when his relationship with Shelby goes off the boil.

    Schmidt pretends to be one of presidential candidate Mitt Romney's sons in an attempt to get a date with a beautiful Republican.

  • New Girl: Chaz and Jess

    Episode 4 - Neighbors

    When a group of trendy 20-somethings move into the flat across the hall, Jess and Schmidt are determined to become friends with them, but only Jess seems to hit it off with the young crowd.

    Meanwhile, Nick tries to make Schmidt think he's getting old by playing a series of practical jokes on him.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 5 - Models

    Cece plans a wild night out with her model friends to celebrate her birthday, so Jess is forced to tag along to spend some time with her.

    The next day, when Cece is too hungover to work, Jess fills in for her on a modelling assignment at a car show.

    Meanwhile, the guys ponder the nature of male friendship after Schmidt buys Nick a cookie and Nick fails to appreciate the gesture.

  • New Girl: Jess and Sam

    Episode 6 - Halloween

    Nick gets a visit from his old college crush Amelia, but feels scared when she begins to show affection for him.

    Jess is employed as a zombie at a haunted house but finds her changing feelings for Sam more frightening than her new job.

    When the gang dress up for Halloween, Cece is annoyed that Schmidt's costume is a perfect match for her own, while Winston and Shelby's outfits are worlds apart.

  • New Girl: Jess and Schmidt

    Episode 7 - Menzies

    Struggling to meet her share of the household bills, Jess is forced to increase the intensity of her job search but is hampered by the effects of premenstrual syndrome.

    The guys fear that her time of the month is affecting their physical and psychological well-being when they experience sympathetic symptoms.

    Meanwhile, Schmidt begins a Fifty Shades of Grey-style relationship with his attractive boss, and Nick gains wisdom from a taciturn new acquaintance.

  • New Girl: Cece, Joan, Jess, Schmidt

    Episode 8 - Parents

    Jess invites her divorced mother and father over for Thanksgiving dinner, hoping that she will be able to get them back together. She enlists Nick and Cece to help her carry out her Parent Trap-style plot.

    When Schmidt's domineering cousin, Big Schmidt, pays a holiday visit, Winston encourages the two relatives to take part in a competition to prove their masculinity, but the contest soon escalates out of control.

    Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner guest star.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 9 - Eggs

    When Jess hears that her friends Melissa and Sadie are going to have a baby, both she and Cece get into a panic about their declining fertility and start to hear their biological clocks ticking.

    Nick visits the zoo seeking inspiration for his zombie-themed novel, along with an exhausted Winston, who's working night shifts at the radio station.

    Meanwhile, Schmidt seeks advice on how to please Emma in the bedroom.

  • New Girl: Winston, Nick, Jess, Schmidt, Cece

    Episode 10 - Bathtub

    Sick of taking showers, Jess and Winston scheme to get a bathtub installed in the flat, but their plotting causes some expensive damage.

    Schmidt is torn between attempting to impress his attractive boss Emma and trying to win back Cece, who has split up with her boyfriend.

    Meanwhile, at the bar, Nick meets a tough but beautiful customer who is experiencing romantic troubles.

  • New Girl: Angie, Nick, Cece, Winston, Schmidt

    Episode 11 - Santa

    As Christmas approaches, Jess and the gang spend a busy evening attending every seasonal party that they know about.

    Jess tries to avoid a remorseful Sam, Nick struggles to keep up with sexually adventurous Angie, Schmidt rejects Cece's attempts to make peace, and Winston gets a cranberry stuck in his ear after a minor food fight.

  • New Girl: Jess and Angie

    Episode 12 - Cabin

    Jess and Sam plan a weekend retreat at a cabin in the country, but when Jess invites Nick and Angie along, thinking it would be fun to spend time with another couple, she soon realises two's company but four's a crowd.

    Winston teaches Schmidt a lesson about making assumptions when they spend an evening in each other's company.

  • New Girl: Walt and Jess

    Episode 13 - A Father's Love

    Nick is upset when his conman father Walt pays a visit because he is convinced that his dad is only in town to set up another crooked scheme.

    Jess does her best to repair their fractured relationship, but can she help the father and son to see eye to eye?

    Meanwhile, love rivals Schmidt and Robby team up in their efforts to win back Cece's heart.

  • New Girl: Jess and Nick

    Episode 14 - Pepperwood

    Nick is alarmed when he reads a piece of fiction submitted by one of Jess's night-school students. Convinced that the man is hiding a sinister secret, Nick goes undercover in the classroom to try to discover the truth.

    Meanwhile, Winston has a brief but embarrassing encounter with Cece that leads the gang to analyse each other's peculiarities.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 15 - Cooler

    Nick and Schmidt go on a boys' night out, but quickly become competitive over a beautiful woman.

    Winston falls for a girl with absolutely no interest in him, which only makes him more attracted to her, while Jess's decision to spend a night alone in the loft doesn't go as planned...

  • New Girl: Jess and Nick

    Episode 16 - Table 34

    When Cece attends a dating convention in search of a prospective husband, the gang go along to give her support, including Schmidt, who is hoping to win her back.

    Winston is over the moon when his lust for life returns, while Nick gets into a compromising position in front of Jess' boyfriend Sam.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 17 - Parking Spot

    While he's cleaning the communal waste bin in the apartment building's garage, Schmidt finds a previously unknown parking space.

    He, Jess and Nick enter into a lengthy, complicated and devious battle of wills to see who can claim the coveted spot.

    Meanwhile, when Winston's new date Daisy invites him over to her place, he forgets to take a small but very important item with him.

  • New Girl: Jess and Nick

    Episode 18 - TinFinity

    Winston makes friends with professional football player Jax McTavish after interviewing him for his radio show, but he's not pleased when a flirtatious Jess catches the sportsman's eye.

    Nick and Schmidt plan an elaborate party to celebrate the fact that they have been living together for 10 years, while Cece gets a romantic offer that she wasn't expecting.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 19 - Quick Hardening Caulk

    Nick makes an effort to be more professional at work when the bar gets an attractive new manager.

    Winston takes a heartbroken Schmidt to the aquarium to drag his thoughts away from Cece's engagement.

    However, instead of finding peace of mind, Schmidt becomes obsessed with buying a particular type of exotic fish.

    Jess struggles to tell Nick about her romantic feelings for him, until she is injured in a minor accident and given a powerful course of painkillers that loosens her tongue.

  • New Girl: Jess and Nick

    Episode 20 - Chicago

    When Nick suffers a close personal bereavement, Jess, Schmidt and Winston accompany him to his home town of Chicago.

    Nick's family are a noisy and eccentric group who expect him to be well organised and responsible and to take control of the funeral preparations.

    But as the service approaches, stress gets the better of him and his friends are forced to step in and help.

  • New Girl: Nick

    Episode 21 - First Date

    Nick and Jess are confused by the sexual tension bubbling under the surface of their friendship.

    Eventually, Nick asks Jess out on a first date, but it turns awkward when they bump into Jess's ex-boyfriend Russell (guest star Dermot Mulroney).

    It's soon clear that Jess and Nick are both unsure about what they want from the evening.

    Meanwhile, Schmidt and Winston worry that if Nick and Jess start a romantic relationship, life in the loft could change for ever.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 22 - Bachelorette Party

    Jess plans to throw a bachelorette party for Cece while Nick and Winston spend some 'guy time' with her fiancé Shivrang.

    Schmidt is annoyed when he doesn't get a 'plus one' invitation to the wedding and decides to prove he's capable of getting a date by catching up with a girlfriend from his 'Fat Schmidt' college days.

  • New Girl: Teddy and Jess

    Episode 23 - Virgins

    Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece reveal the awkward and embarrassing tales of how they lost their virginity.

    After recalling their exploits in a series of flashbacks, including Jess's mortifying prom night experience, they realise that their first sexual encounters have continued to influence the nature of their romantic lives as they have grown older. Dennis Farina guest stars.

  • New Girl: Jess

    Episode 24 - Winston's Birthday

    A nervous Nick is forced to spend the day alone with Jess's father Bob (guest star Rob Reiner) when he pays an unexpected visit.

    Cece has an unfortunate accident on the day before her wedding, while Jess is offered a new professional opportunity.

    Schmidt admits how he feels about Elizabeth (guest star Merritt Wever), and Winston is disappointed when his friends forget his birthday.

  • New Girl: Nick and Jess

    Episode 25 - Elaine's Big Day

    As Cece's wedding day dawns, Jess and Nick must decide whether they want to continue with their relationship.

    Schmidt is convinced that the bride is having second thoughts, so he plots to sabotage the nuptials with some help from Winston.

    However, an unexpected announcement by the groom provides the biggest shock of the day. Taylor Swift and Merritt Wever guest star.

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US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend

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