New Girl

    • Episode 1 - Re-Launch

      Jess and the gang are back with a bang - and to prove it Schmidt throws himself a rebranding party in Nick's bar

    • Episode 2 - Katie

      Jess finds it hard to adjust to unemployment and starts to hang out at Nick's bar

    • Episode 3 - Fluffer

      Nick and Jess try to address the nature of their relationship when Nick realises that Jess is using him to do the chores

    • Episode 4 - Neighbors

      A group of trendy twenty-somethings move into the flat across the hall

    • Episode 5 - Models

      Cece plans a wild night out with her model friends to celebrate her birthday, so Jess is forced to tag along

    • Episode 6 - Halloween

      Nick gets a visit from his college crush, Amelia, but feels scared when she begins to show affection for him

    • Episode 7 - Menzies

      Jess increases the intensity of her job search, Schmidt begins a relationship with his attractive boss, and Nick gains wisdom from a taciturn new acquaintance

    • Episode 8 - Parents

      Jess invites her divorced mother and father over for Thanksgiving dinner, hoping that she will be able to get them back together

    • Episode 9 - Eggs

      When Jess hears that her friends Melissa and Sadie are going to have a baby, both she and Cece get into a panic about their declining fertility and start to hear their biological clocks ticking

    • Episode 10 - Bathtub

      Jess and Winston scheme to get a bathtub installed in the flat, but their plotting causes expensive damage. Meanwhile, Nick meets a tough but beautiful customer at the bar.

    • Episode 11 - Santa

      As Christmas approaches, Jess and the gang spend a busy evening attending every seasonal party that they know. Jess tries to avoid Sam and Nick struggles to keep up with sexually adventurous Angie.

    • Episode 12 - Cabin

      Jess and Sam plan a weekend retreat at a cabin in the country, but when Jess invites Nick and Angie along, she soon realises two's company but four's a crowd

    • Episode 13 - A Father's Love

      Nick's upset when his con-man father Walt visits because he's convinced that his dad is only in town to set up another crooked scheme

    • Episode 14 - Pepperwood

      When Nick reads a piece of fiction submitted by one of Jess's night-school students, he becomes convinced the man is hiding a sinister secret and goes undercover in the classroom to find out the truth

    • Episode 15 - Cooler

      Nick and Schmidt compete for a beautiful woman's attention. Winston becomes extrememly attracted to a woman who's not interested in him. And Jess's night alone in the loft doesn't go as planned...

    • Episode 16 - Table 34

      When Cece attends a dating convention in search of a prospective husband, the gang go along to give her support, including Schmidt, who wants to win her back

    • Episode 17 - Parking Spot

      Schmidt, Jess and Nick enter into a lengthy and devious battle of wills to see who can claim a highly coveted parking space at their apartment building

    • Episode 18 - TinFinity

      Winston makes friends with professional football player Jax McTavish after interviewing him for his radio show, but he's not pleased when a flirtatious Jess catches the sportsman's eye

    • Episode 19 - Quick Hardening Caulk

      Jess struggles to tell Nick about her romantic feelings for him, until she is given a powerful course of pain medication that loosens her tongue

    • Episode 20 - Chicago

      When Nick suffers a close personal bereavement, Jess, Schmidt and Winston accompany him to his home town of Chicago

    • Episode 21 - First Date

      Nick and Jess are fazed by the sexual tension bubbling under the surface of their friendship, so Nick asks Jess out on a date, to Schmidt and Winston's alarm

    • Episode 22 - Bachelorette Party

      Jess plans to throw a bachelorette party for Cece while Nick and Winston spend some 'guy time' with her fiancé Shivrang

    • Episode 23 - Virgins

      Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece reveal the embarrassing tales of how they lost their virginity, recalling their exploits in a series of flashbacks

    • Episode 24 - Winston's Birthday

      Nick is nervous when he has to spend the day alone with Jess's father Bob (guest star Rob Reiner), who's paying an unexpected visit

    • Episode 25 - Elaine's Big Day

      As Cece's wedding day dawns, Jess and Nick must decide whether they want to continue with their relationship. Taylor Swift and Merritt Wever guest star.