Series 1 Episode 4
First Broadcast: 12AM Fri 26 November 2010

In this final show the wait is almost over for Natalie and Adam. There's a last-minute shopping spree to stock up on everything they'll need for the new baby.

Plus before Natalie can pack her bag and dash to the hospital, she and Adam throw a lavish engagement party for their friends and family with fellow EastEnders Dean Gaffney and Ricky Groves.

With just days to go, Natalie's plans for a natural birth are dashed when the midwives suspect that the baby is breech. After a dramatic development at the hospital and a nervous wait, their precious daughter arrives.

The proud parents bring Eliza Beatrice home and announce their new arrival to the world in an exclusive photoshoot.

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Soap star and TV presenter Natalie Cassidy and partner Adam Cottrell prepare for the birth of their first child. Rarely out of the tabloids, Natalie now longs to turn over a new leaf...