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US drama following a fierce power struggle between two ambitious female singers in the cut-throat world of country music

About the Show

US drama following a fierce power struggle between two ambitious female singers in the cut-throat world of country music

Series 3 Summary

Rayna faces a huge decision about her love life and Juliette is in a state of distress as the third season of the US drama set in the country music world begins

  • Nashville: Deacon and Rayna

    Episode 1 - That's Me without You

    Rayna must choose between the two men in her life. Juliette, struggling to repair her relationship with Avery, auditions for the leading role in a film biopic. Scarlett embarks on a road trip home.

  • Nashville: Juliette

    Episode 2 - How Far Down Can I Go

    Will's debut album pushes Rayna's off the Number 1 spot. Layla pressures Will to help her rebuild her faltering career. Juliette deals with life-changing news while preparing for another audition.

  • Nashville: Gunnar and Zoey

    Episode 3 - I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life

    Juliette works to hide a secret that could stop her from getting a movie role. Rayna and Luke try to set a date for their wedding, Deacon finds romance with a backing singer, and Layla makes a threat.

  • Nashville: Rayna

    Episode 4 - I Feel Sorry for Me

    Rayna invites Sadie Stone for a girls' day out to persuade her to sign to Highway 65, but she faces competition from Jeff. Zoey grows suspicious that something is going on between Gunnar and Scarlett.

  • Nashville: Avery and Glenn

    Episode 5 - Road Happy

    Juliette tells Avery about her pregnancy. Rayna's increased level of fame has a bad effect on her children. Gunnar hears Kiley has a son, Scarlett makes an unlikely friend, and Will runs into trouble.

  • Nashville: Deacon and Pam

    Episode 6 - Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy

    Juliette is rushed to hospital after collapsing backstage. Rayna and Luke are nominated for the same country music award. Gunnar begs Kiley to stay in Nashville, while Maddie and Colt throw a party.

  • Nashville: Rayna

    Episode 7 - I'm Coming Home to You

    Rayna agrees to be shadowed by a reporter during a busy weekend, but realises she may have allowed the public too much access to her life. Juliette finds the idea of being a single parent difficult.

  • Nashville: Luke and Rayna

    Episode 8 - You're Lookin' at Country

    It's the 48th Annual CMA Awards. Gunnar and Zoey's relationship is tested, Avery's parents are in town so he introduces them to Juliette, while Deacon and Scarlett watch the awards from home.

  • Nashville: Maddie, Daphne and Rayna

    Episode 9 - Two Sides to Every Story

    Rayna agrees to do a televised Christmas charity special from her home featuring Luke and the children. Zoey, Gunnar and Avery get the opportunity to perform at Nashville's winter festival.

  • Nashville: Rayna

    Episode 10 - First to Have a Second Chance

    When Luke returns home after wrapping up his tour, Rayna starts to feel conflicted about leaving the children to go out on the road again. Avery gets advice from his mother and makes a big decision.

  • Nashville: Luke

    Episode 11 - I'm Not That Good at Goodbye

    Although Rayna has cancelled their wedding, Luke isn't going quietly. Juliette and Avery try to adjust to their new life but have a few bumps along the way, while Gunnar fights for custody of Micah.

  • Nashville: Rayna

    Episode 12 - I've Got Reasons to Hate You

    Rayna finds a way to return to the public eye on her own terms, while Juliette is eager to get her career back on track. Scarlett plans a surprise for Deacon, but it doesn't turn out as she'd hoped.

  • Episode 13 - I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong

    Rayna is furious when she finds out about Jeff's plans to sign Maddie to Edgehill. Luke, Gunnar and Will have a big night out, Deacon is secretive about his illness, and Sadie is tormented by her ex.

  • Episode 14 - Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

    Edgehill Records begins to crumble, along with Jeff's career. Deacon considers taking part in a clinical trial to receive alternative treatment. Juliette keeps busy by doing a magazine photo-shoot.

  • Episode 15 - That's the Way Love Goes

    Rayna asks her daughters and Deacon to perform with her at the Grand Ole Opry. Will frets when he is given a new songwriting partner. Sadie is interviewed on a morning television programme.

  • Episode 16 - I Can't Keep Away from You

    Rayna refuses to let Deacon wallow in misery over his condition. Scarlett is wary of performing again when her past haunts her on social media. Will and Kevin's songwriting partnership hits problems.

  • Nashville: Emily and Glenn

    Episode 17 - This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin'

    Juliette is excited about Rayna throwing her a baby shower but when Rayna is dragged into Sadie's drama instead of hosting, Juliette takes it badly. Gunnar frets when Scarlett grows closer to Dr Rand.