• Episode 1 - Pilot

      The US drama set in the cut-throat world of country music premieres on More4. Fading singer Rayna Jaymes is challenged by ambitious rising star Juliette Barnes.

    • Episode 2 - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)

      As Teddy's mayoral campaign progresses, Rayna must endure an investigation and face the possibility that family secrets may be revealed

    • Episode 3 - Someday You'll Call My Name

      Rayna and Teddy are sobered to learn that they are facing financial ruin. Jolene, Juliette's troubled mother, re-enters her daughter's life.

    • Episode 4 - We Live in Two Different Worlds

      Gunnar and Scarlett are thrilled to get a music publishing deal, and while Scarlett's relationship with Avery is still under strain, Gunnar soon makes a romantic connection of his own

    • Episode 5 - Move It on Over

      Now that Deacon and Rayna are no longer musical collaborators, they both try to move on. Rayna reluctantly makes a TV commercial, but Deacon objects to the use of their lyrics in the project.

    • Episode 6 - You're Gonna Change (or I'm Gonna Leave)

      In an effort to bring her music up to date, Rayna seeks the help of rock star and producer Liam McGuinnis, but she has to work hard to convince him to come on board

    • Episode 7 - Lovesick Blues

      Marshall Evans continues to put pressure on Rayna and Juliette to collaborate together at an event, and Scarlett and Gunnar find themselves growing closer

    • Episode 8 - Where He Leads Me

      Rayna has to decide what's really important to her after hearing Teddy's side of the story about Peggy. Meanwhile, Juliette finds an unexpected sense of belonging with Sean's family.

    • Episode 9 - Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

      Rayna and Juliette's tour is coming up fast, but when Rayna suggests taking her daughters along with her, Lamar threatens to expose a long-buried family secret

    • Episode 10 - I'm Sorry for You, My Friend

      Rayna and Juliette get ready to perform the first concert of their arena tour in San Diego. Finding it difficult to work without Deacon, Rayna makes an interesting proposal to Liam.

    • Episode 11 - You Win Again

      When Rayna and Juliette's duet, Wrong Song, becomes a number one hit, Edgehill Records throw a lavish party to mark the occasion, but Juliette is embarrassed by her mother at the celebration

    • Episode 12 - I've Been Down That Road Before

      Juliette tries a brave experiment to get her music taken more seriously. Scarlett struggles to pay the rent without Avery's contribution.

    • Episode 13 - There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

      Still reeling from the news that Teddy wants a divorce, Rayna goes on stage and misses her cue for the first time in her career. To forget her troubles, she goes drinking and dancing with Liam.

    • Episode 14 - Dear Brother

      As Teddy and Rayna's divorce progresses, media speculation about Rayna's fidelity grows and her children are thrown into the spotlight

    • Episode 15 - When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

      One of Juliette's gigs goes badly wrong, Maddie lies to Teddy, Gunnar abandons an audition, and Rayna appears on a talk show

    • Episode 16 - I Saw the Light

      As the tour reaches New York, Rayna brings her daughters and her sister along with her, but worries that the children idolise Juliette and her musical career too much.

    • Episode 17 - My Heart Would Know

      A family crisis causes Rayna to miss a sold-out concert in New York and fly back to Nashville with her daughters, leaving Juliette to expand her set list and perform the show alone

    • Episode 18 - Take These Chains from My Heart

      Liam asks Rayna to take a trip to St Lucia with him, Jolene annoys Juliette by questioning Dante's loyalty, and Teddy confronts Peggy about leaking his divorce news to the press

    • Episode 19 - Why Don't You Love Me

      When Rayna and Juliette are both nominated for Country Music Association Awards, Edgehill Records hosts a party to celebrate

    • Episode 20 - A Picture from Life's Other Side

      Avery helps a distracted Juliette to work on some new songs, while Will impresses Rayna when he pushes for the chance to audition for her label

    • Episode 21 - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

      In the last episode of season one, Deacon goes off the rails after a confrontation with Rayna. Gunnar tries to win Scarlett back.