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My Tattoo Addiction

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S2-Ep1: Tattoo Obsessive

Paul feels compelled to cover his whole body in tattoos

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  1. Tattoo Fails
    Tattoo Fails

    Dodgy and disastrous tattoos are transformed by wizards of ink into the cool, the artistic, the unique

  2. My Secret Tattoo
    My Secret Tattoo

    The unlikeliest people have the unlikeliest tattoos in the unlikeliest places, and now their secrets are revealed

  3. Tattoo Twists
    Tattoo Twists

    From wiping memories of an ex to creating a 'new you' - the stories behind tattoos that get covered up

  4. Body Mods
    Body Mods

    We DARE you to watch without cringing, flinching or throwing up. Welcome to the world of body modification