My Name Is Earl

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      Petty crook Earl finds a $100,000 dollar-winning scratchcard - and immediately loses it when he's hit by a car while celebrating in the street. Is karma telling him to atone for his past misdeeds?

    • Episode 2 - Quit Smoking

      Earl tackles two items on his karma list: making up for all the second-hand smoke he's inflicted on the world, and confessing to a crime he committed

    • Episode 3 - Randy's Touchdown

      During their high school days, Earl ruined Randy's chance to score a touchdown during a key football game, so Earl tries to figure out a way to make things right

    • Episode 4 - Faked My Own Death

      Earl decides to come clean to a former girlfriend with whom he split up by faking his own death. But his plan backfires...

    • Episode 5 - Teacher Earl

      Earl decides to teach English as a second language so that he can cross 'Made fun of people with accents' off of his karma list

    • Episode 6 - Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine

      Earl tries to win a beauty pageant trophy for Joy to make up for breaking one that she had won. So he enlists the help of her former nemesis...

    • Episode 7 - Stole Beer from a Golfer

      Earl attempts to help Scott get over his preoccupation with golf, an obsession caused when he and Randy started fixing Scott's golf game to get free beer

    • Episode 8 - Joy's Wedding

      Earl's list of misdeeds grows when Joy makes it very clear that he's not welcome at her wedding to Darnell

    • Episode 9 - Cost Dad the Election

      Earl sets out to mend his relationship with his father Carl (guest star Beau Bridges)

    • Episode 10 - White Lie Christmas

      As the festive season approaches, Earl tries to win Joy a car to make up for all the times he ruined her Christmas

    • Episode 11 - Barn Burner

      Joy's application to enrol her children into the Right Choice Ranch for troubled youth is blocked because of a barn burning incident at the hands of a younger Earl

    • Episode 12 - O Karma, Where Art Thou?

      Earl tries to atone for stopping a young couple from going on honeymoon together by returning the wallet he stole from them and filling in for the groom at work

    • Episode 13 - Stole Pop's Hot Dog Cart

      Earl decides to return a hot dog cart that he and Ralph stole. But Ralph (guest star Giovanni Ribisi) has other, incendiary, ideas.

    • Episode 14 - Monkeys in Space

      When one of Earl's friends is arrested he decides to make amends for number 18 on his list: 'told an inappropriate story at Hank Lange's party'.

    • Episode 15 - Something to Live For

      Car trouble inspires Earl to atone for regularly siphoning petrol out of strangers' cars

    • Episode 16 - The Professor

      Earl's nervous about returning a laptop computer he stole from a college professor, mostly because he's uncomfortable around smart people

    • Episode 17 - Didn't Pay Taxes

      Earl faces a battle with government bureaucracy when he tries to make up for not paying taxes, and his efforts to atone leave him on the wrong side of the law

    • Episode 18 - Dad's Car

      It's Mother's Day and Earl is feeling particularly disgusted with himself for never having given his mother a Mother's Day gift

    • Episode 19 - Y2K

      Earl wants to return the ticket machine he stole from the Bargain Bag. But Randy doesn't want to give it back because it brings back happy memories.

    • Episode 20 - Boogeyman

      Earl decides to remove 'Made a kid scared of the boogeyman' from his list, and discovers the lasting effect he had on the boy in question

    • Episode 21 - The Bounty Hunter

      Number 45, 'Ditched Jessie to marry Joy', is next on Earl's list when his ex-girlfriend Jessie (Juliette Lewis) returns to town seeking revenge.

    • Episode 22 - Stole a Badge

      While he's looking for stuff in the storm drain, Randy finds a badge Earl stole from a cop's shoe at the bowling alley

    • Episode 23 - BB

      Earl attempts to cross out number 147 on his list: 'Shot Gwen Waters with a BB Gun'. To make things right he must reunite Gwen with her estranged father.

    • Episode 24 - Number One

      Earl decides to cross number one off his list - stole ten dollars from a guy at Camden market - but realises he now owes him much more than ten dollars.