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Drama looking at life from the perspective of funny, music-mad Rae

About the Show

Drama looking at life from the perspective of funny, music-mad Rae

Series 1 Summary

Set in the mid-90s at the height of Cool Britannia, this six-part drama based on real-life diaries takes a hilarious, honest look at teenage life through the eyes of funny, music-mad 16 year old Rae

  • Episode 1

    In the opening episode, Rae is discharged from psychiatric hospital. Back in the real world, all she wants is to be a normal teenager, but when you're secretly mad it's not that simple.

  • Episode 2

    Rae is determined to catch up with the rest of the gang in terms of her sexual experience, but worries her weight will stop her from getting a boyfriend. Then one of the boys in the gang asks her out.

  • Episode 3

    Rae and Chloe's friendship becomes difficult when Rae discovers who Chloe is secretly dating. Things start to get rocky and Rae finds herself drawn back to her old patterns of destructive behaviour.

  • Episode 4

    Rae is falling in love but doesn't know whether to admit it to the object of her desires. And Kester pushes Rae to examine what triggered her self-harming.

  • Episode 5

    Rae and Chloe battle it out in the fight for Finn's affections, but when Rae's mum prevents her from going to a rave with the rest of the gang, Rae thinks it's game over

  • Episode 6

    In the final episode, Rae is in a dark place following Tix's deterioration and an argument with Chloe. To make matters worse, she loses her diary and begins to see her world crashing down around her.