My Kitchen Rules

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      Episode 40 - Grand Final

      The competition reaches its Grand Final with the two surviving teams. Only one team can win the title of MKR UK champion and walk away with the £10,000 prize money.

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
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      Episode 39 - Semi Finals

      In the second of two Semi Finals, the two teams are challenged to create their finest three course Indian inspired menu that will impress Guest Judge, The Cinnamon Club's Vivek Singh.

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
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      Episode 38 - Semi Finals

      It's Finals Week at Chateau Impney in Worcestershire. In the first of two Semi Finals, two teams must create a three course Indian-inspired menu that will impress Guest Judge Tony Singh.

      This episode is subtitled45 mins
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      Episode 37 - Quarter Final

      It's Finals Week at Chateau Impney in Worcestershire. In this Quarter Final, four teams face the challenge of creating an outstanding vegetarian main course for Guest Judge Thomasina Miers.

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
    • Episode 36 - Finals Week: Harry Potter

      It's Finals Week. In the first challenge, to mark the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter novel, the eight teams must cook a magical outdoor feast over an open fire.

    • Series 2 Episode 35

      It's the last day of the MKR Mansion rounds and the final team to cook are Clare and Niall. Their guest judge is Michelin starred chef Nathan Outlaw whose mystery ingredient is mackerel.

    • Episode 34 - Luthfur and Inaya

      The penultimate team to cook this week are Luthfur and Inayat, who are presented with the mystery ingredient challenge by Indian street food restaurateur Nisha Katona: guinea fowl

    • Episode 33 - Celia and Dave

      Midweek in the MKR Mansion, Celia and Dave face the mystery ingredient challenge from chef Theo Randall who presents them with a selection of fresh beans and peas.

    • Episode 32 - Bill and Graham

      Lancashire lads Bill and Graham face the ultimate challenge from Michelin starred chef Nigel Haworth. Will they succeed in turning cauliflower into a show-stopping main course?

    • Episode 31 - Sian and Rob

      It's the start of the final week in the MKR Mansion rounds, and Sian and Rob are tasked by guest judge Francesco Mazzei to create a main course from N'Duja sausage from Calabria

    • Episode 30 - Jacqueline and Andrew

      Shropshire couple Jacqueline and Andrew face the mystery ingredient challenge in the last cook off of week two. Their guest judge, chef Daniel Clifford, presents them with chicken legs.

    • Episode 29 - Annette and Rebecca

      Scottish friends Annette and Rebecca are the penultimate team of the week. Their mystery ingredients, chosen by TV presenter and food writer Gizzi Erskine, are carabineros and tiger prawns.

    • Episode 28 - Tosin and Geneviève

      Mid-week Mansion Round contestants are friends Tosin and Geneviève, who have to face the mystery ingredient choice of guest judge Allegra McEvedy: six live crabs

    • Episode 27 - Jenni and Will

      Devon couple Jenni and Will are visited by Cornwall-based Michelin star chef Paul Ainsworth, whose mystery ingredient is Cornish rib eye of beef on the bone

    • Episode 26 - Helen and Liz

      The first team to cook in the second week at the MKR Mansion are Helen and Liz, who are faced with preparing six squab pigeons; the mystery ingredient selected by guest judge Claude Bosi

    • Episode 25 - Geoff and Debra

      As the first week of the Mansion Round draws to a close, there's still one last cook-off from Australian couple Geoff and Debra. At the end of the evening, which two teams will leave?

    • Episode 24 - Ray and Simon

      Microbrewery boss Ray and colleague Simon must create a main course using saddle of Welsh lamb, presented by guest judge and professional chef Stephen Terry

    • Episode 23 - Sam and Neil

      Will food blogger Sam and her husband Neil impress guest judge Antonio Carluccio with their main course, based on his mystery ingredients of courgettes, courgette flowers and aubergine?

    • Episode 22 - Angela and James

      World-renowned chef Ken Hom visits the MKR Mansion, where Edinburgh couple Angela and James face the challenge of creating a main course from Ken's mystery ingredient of whole salmon

    • Episode 21 - Yee Kwan and Natalie

      On the first day of the Mansion Round, Sheffield friends and in-laws Yee Kwan and Natalie are challenged by culinary legend Pierre Koffmann with his mystery ingredient of rabbit

    • Episode 20 - Jacqueline and Andrew

      The final team to cook in the Midlands and Wales region are couple Jacqueline and Andrew from Shrewsbury, who run a small confectionery business making traditional nougat

    • Episode 19 - The Global Gourmet

      Next from the Midlands and Wales, globe-trotting sisters Lucy and Emily from Malvern create a menu inspired by British classics with an international twist

    • Episode 18 - The Brewer's Arms

      Midway through the Midlands and Wales region, microbrewery owner Ray and his friend and colleague Simon prepare their three course menu, which features beer in every course

    • Episode 17 - Cee Cee's Kitchen

      The second team from the Midlands and Wales region are married couple Celia and Dave, who bring a taste of Africa and the Caribbean to their restaurant for the night, 'Cee Cee's Kitchen'.

    • Episode 16 - The Catch

      The competition moves to the Midlands and Wales, where the first team to cook are Welsh friends Sian and Rob, with their patriotic menu served at their restaurant 'The Catch'.

    • Episode 15 - The Misty Isle

      The final Scottish team, childhood friends, Clare and Niall from the Isle of Skye create a menu using the best produce from land and sea in their restaurant for the night, 'The Misty Isle'

    • Episode 14 - The Galloway Kitchen

      Best friends Annette and Rebecca are the penultimate team from Scotland. Their restaurant, 'The Galloway Kitchen', celebrates local ingredients and the pair's favourite family recipes.

    • Episode 13 - The Dough Hook

      Australian bakers Geoff and Debra rise to the MKR UK challenge on the third night in Scotland. Their passion for sourdough prevails in their aptly named restaurant, 'The Dough Hook'.

    • Episode 12 - The Gallery

      Friends Jack and Phil are the second Scottish team, with a three course meal served in their restaurant 'The Gallery' - against a backdrop of photographer Jack's striking Scottish scenes

    • Episode 11 - Thai, Aye

      It's the first heat from Scotland, and Edinburgh couple Angela and James combine their love of the Far East with Scottish produce at their restaurant for the night, 'Thai, Aye!'

    • Episode 10 - Exclusive Eats

      In-laws Luthfur and Inayat from Bournemouth are the last team from the South. Will they do enough for the next round with their fusion feast served at their restaurant, 'Exclusive Eats'?

    • Episode 9 - Repast

      Sam and husband Neil from Sussex take their guests on a culinary time machine with their restaurant, 'Repast'. Will their nod to the past win them a place in the future of the competition?

    • Episode 8 - The Hungry Badger

      The next team from the South, young couple Jenni and Will, showcase the best Devon produce, including potted Brixham crab, in their restaurant for the night, 'The Hungry Badger'

    • Episode 7 - The Captain's Table

      Next from the South are Brighton friends Liz and Helen who showcase their love of fish and seafood at their nautically themed restaurant, 'The Captain's Table'. Will they set the bar high?

    • Episode 6 - The Crystal Cove

      First to cook in the South are mother and daughter Nathalie and Jade who serve up a Guyanese inspired menu at their restaurant for the night, 'The Crystal Cove'

    • Episode 5 - The Outside Influence

      The final team of the week from the North are friends Claire and Sarah from Cheshire and their restaurant 'The Outside Influence', with the emphasis on fresh produce and healthy eating

    • Episode 4 - Lancashire Lounge

      The penultimate team from the North are Lancashire friends, Bill and Graham, whose aptly named restaurant, the 'Lancashire Lounge', will serve the kind of no nonsense food they love to eat

    • Episode 3 - Buddha's Bowl

      In the third episode from the North, Sheffield natives and sisters-in-law, Yee Kwan and Natalie's themed restaurant is 'Buddha's Bowl', taking their guests on a tour of the Far East

    • Episode 2 - The African Buka

      Second to cook from the North are Yorkshire based friends Tosin and Geneviève, whose restaurant for the night, 'The African Buka', is inspired by their Nigerian and Cameroonian roots

    • Episode 1 - Spice Street

      The competitive cooking show returns with new judges Glynn Purnell and Rachel Allen. First up from the North are sisters and friends Shabana and Farzana and their restaurant 'Spice Street'.