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Comedians tell the story of their funniest year to a live audience

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Comedians tell the story of their funniest year to a live audience

  • Chris Addison

    Chris Addison: My Funniest Year

    Much-loved comedian Chris Addison takes to the Hackney Empire stage to delight his audience with tales of his funniest year - 2001.

    Chris personally chose 2001 as it was the year he turned 30, and the year that his childhood expectations of inventions such as jet boots, anti-gravity pills and space capsules were dashed.

    The comedian talks his way through George Bush's public disasters as he became president of the US, Phil Mitchell getting killed by a hedge in EastEnders, John Prescott getting into scraps, and beards suddenly becoming very unfashionable.

    Chris also explores the life-changing birth of Popstars - the search for a new pop band that gave the world Hear'Say - and recalls Simon Cowell forcing Pop Idol onto screens in almost every living room in the land.

    After a factual two-step through the 'naughty politicians' of 2001, plus a poke at Paul Burrell on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Chris finishes his tour of 2001 with his take on the Jesse Ventura conspiracy theories.

  • Al Murray

    Al Murray: My Funniest Year

    Pub landlord Al Murray escorts his audience through 1997 - the year that his ex-wife ran off with a Frenchman and the Spice Girls took over planet pop.

    Al Murray takes to the stage of Hackney Empire clad in his characteristic blazer, shirt and tie, and clutching a pint as he tells the raucous crowd why he's personally chosen 1997 as a trademark year.

    It was the year that Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies was 'outed' as gay. There was the detailed public discussion of Bill Clinton's manhood, the launch of Channel Five, and the popularity of alcopops.

    Al also reviews Elton John's TV programme, Tantrums & Tiaras, the confusion around the gender of pretty boy band Hanson, and the assets of lady gardener Charlie Dimmock, who joins him on stage.

    Finally he jumps feet first into a comedic tongue lashing of the party scene in Ibiza, the birth of the ladette, and the mass hysteria induced by Harry Potter mania before, fittingly, signing off with 90s band D:Ream as they play their anthemic Things Can Only Get Better.

  • Jack Whitehall

    Jack Whitehall: My Funniest Year

    Comedian Jack Whitehall reflects on his Funniest Year - 2005 - the year he turned 17, left school, and lost his virginity in Antony Worrall Thompson's gastro pub.

    Plainly, Jack chooses 2005 because it was a very momentous year for him personally. But there was also Live 8, the hunting ban, the introduction of 24-hour drinking and the launch of YouTube.

    In a comic journey rich in belly laughs from beginning to end, Jack gives his unique take on the events that shaped the year and his own life.

    Jack also takes a pop at noteworthy TV shows of the year, including the launch of Come Dine with Me, and delves into the public reaction to the celebrity weddings of Prince Charles and Camilla, Peter Andre and Jordan, and Ken and Deirdre in Coronation Street.

    This was also the year when London won its bid to host the Olympics, and Tom Cruise publicly declared his love for actress Katie Holmes on Oprah. These events are also the subjects of Jack's specially written routine for the Empire's live audience.

    Finally, Freddie Flintoff joins Jack on stage as they relive that famous 2005 Ashes win and the infamous drunken hero's welcome... or what Freddie can remember of it.

My Funniest Year synopsis

Comedians tell the story of their funniest year to a live audience

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