My Family's Crazy Gap Year

  • Episode 1

    The Willmott family travel to the Himalayas, the Mongolia steppes and the Papuan rainforest. Will their journey change how they live their lives?

  • Episode 2

    All his life, yachting fanatic Jason Lawrence has dreamed of sailing around the world. Now he's decided it's time to fulfil his ambition - and he's taking his wife and two young children.

  • Episode 3

    Series in which families swap the daily grind for life-changing adventures. In this episode, Rosanna and Ajay Pindoria pack their three young kids into a 4x4 and drive the length of Africa.

  • Episode 4

    Single mum Nikki McClements takes her nine-year-old daughter Beth around the world. Little does she know how dramatically the trip will affect the course of her life.

  • Episode 5

    John Tregembo takes his wife and two teenage children across the world to find a new home. But the family have only been abroad once before and struggle to adapt to life off the tourist trail.

  • Episode 6

    Gary Fisher wants to see if it's possible for a welder from Warrington to take on the middle class dream and buy an ocean-going yacht and sail his wife and twin toddlers to America.