My Dream Farm

  • Episode 1

    Monty meets Dick and Pauline Beijen, who moved from Dick's native Holland to a 44 acre plot in Devon. But the hard-working couple are struggling to make a living. Can Monty help?

  • Episode 2

    Monty Don meets Rob and Sue, whose move from London to Cornwall has run into difficulties. What started as a dream of self sufficiency has become a battle for survival.

  • Episode 3

    Monty meets Karon and Simon, who have quit the rat race with grand plans to rear rare-breed pigs in Suffolk, as well as building a farm shop, cafe and art gallery.

  • Episode 4

    Thirty-three-year-old Kierti Vaidya's alpaca farm in Warwickshire has run into difficulties. Monty prescribes radical measures. But will Kierti stick to his suggestions?

  • Episode 5

    In south Wales Monty visits Nick and Talitha, who hope to make a new life for themselves from a smallholding of two acres of land. But Nick's enthusiasm and big ideas mask much larger health issues.

  • Episode 6

    City girl Jen and her country cousin Bek have started a flower farm in Kent. But Monty Don wonders if the cousins are treating the farm more as a hobby than as a business.