Music Nation

    • Episode 1 - Brandy & Coke

      An exploration of the phenomenon that was UK garage, with unprecedented access to key players including Kano, Ashley Walters, EZ and many more

    • Episode 2 - Berkshire Goes Balearic

      Charting the untold story of the Balearic sound, and how hedonism gripped the hearts, minds and dance floors of the Home Counties, fuelled by the freewheeling party island of Ibiza

    • Episode 3 - Bristol Bass Oddity

      This episode explores how Bristol has helped re-define global electronic music over three decades

    • Episode 4 - Soap the Stamps

      A look at the musical noise explosion that was British hardcore, the punk-inspired sound, following the obsessive fans and musicians who turned the rural satellites and drab suburbs on their heads

    • Episode 5 - Jungle Fever

      An exploration of the movement that redefined British urban music: jungle, charting the rise and fall of this iconic scene and featuring Fabio & Grooverider, DJ Hype, Kenny Ken, Brockie and more