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In the early 1940s the Bahamas were a playground for the rich and famous. But it was the location for one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the 20th century. One of the richest men in the British Empire, Sir Harry Oakes, was found brutally murdered in his bed.

It was a crime so lurid it cleared World War Two from the front pages of the UK papers.

But less than four months later the chief suspect, Sir Harry's French son-in-law Count Alfred de Marigny, was sensationally acquitted. And at the centre of the scandal was the ex-king of England, the Duke of Windsor, who was governor of the islands at the time.

Following a five-year investigation, the grandson of a well-connected Bahamian resident reveals the findings of his five-year investigation into who was responsible for Sir Harry's brutal murder.

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The Bahamas in 1943 was the setting for one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the 20th century. This film reveals the findings of a five-year investigation into the murder of Sir Harry Oakes.