Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 10PM Thu 9 February 2012

Just 2% of the UK's lorry drivers are female. But woman are a growing force on the roads. MotherTruckers reveals the lifestyles of an unusual band of ladies rising to the challenge of being truck drivers, while fighting to keep a stable family environment, as mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends.

MotherTruckers follows several female truckers, including former ballerina Emma who, plagued by injury, is torn between her new career and her desire to get back into dancing.

Glamorous trainee Ella hopes to pass her HGV2 test.

Ex-soldier and transsexual Vikki reveals her struggle for acceptance as one of the girls.

And mother hen - and lead MotherTrucker - Wendy explains why she puts her time into training and mentoring new female drivers.

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How do women lorry drivers get on with their male colleagues, juggle families, and stay feminine? This amusing film meets the new queens of the road.