• Episode 1 - A Nation State

      Dr Starkey begins his history of the British monarchy in the violence and chaos of the Dark Ages, telling the dramatic story of the creation of England and the triumph of English hero Alfred the Great

    • Episode 2 - Aengla Land

      Dr Starkey chronicles the stormy path of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of England, the world's first nation state

    • Episode 3 - Conquest

      As the direction of English kingship takes a radical new turn with the invasion and imposition of Norman history, Dr Starkey follows the fortunes of both the invaders and the invaded

    • Episode 4 - Dynasty

      Profiling the medieval superstar, King Henry II of England, whose dominion stretched from Scotland to the Pyrenees

    • Episode 5 - A United Kingdom

      Dr Starkey looks at a century that saw the reigns of three Edwards: father, son and grandson. Edward I took the image and might of the English monarchy to new heights.

    • Episode 6 - Death of a Dynasty

      The real story of Shakespeare's kings: Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V and Henry VI