Mistaken for Strangers

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Mistaken for Strangers

When atmospheric US rockers The National were about to hit the road to promote their breakthrough album, High Violet, lead vocalist Matt Berninger extended an invitation to his brother Tom to join them.

The intention seems to have been partly to give him some gainful employment and partly to get him out of the Berningers' parents' house, where Tom still lived. But Tom was also an aspiring film-maker, so he packed his video camera in his luggage.

His resultant 'on tour' rockumentary does all the usual behind-the-scenes stuff with the band but also amusingly lays bare quite how unsuited Tom's haphazard approach to life was to his assigned role (from failing to provide basic logistical support to the band, to inadvertently but effectively barring VIPs to a gig), as well as probing how fame and success affects even the closest relationships.

It also demonstrates that Tom should stick to crafting films, which he clearly possesses a gift for, rather than working as a roadie, for which he manifestly doesn't.

(2013) Cert: 15

Mistaken for Strangers synopsis

Tom Berninger's documentary is an account of his time spent working for (or should that be ineptly hindering?) the road crew of his brother Matt's indie rock band The National

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