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When five young outsiders on Community Service get caught in a strange storm, they discover that they have developed superpowers

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When five young outsiders on Community Service get caught in a strange storm, they discover that they have developed superpowers

  • Series 5 Episode 8

    In the final episode, the gang discover that their community service is over and begin to contemplate life after the orange jumpsuits

  • Series 5 Episode 7

    As the first anniversary of the storm approaches, Rudy's alter ego and Abby arrange a celebratory party at the community centre

  • Series 5 Episode 6

    As part of their community service, the gang have to look after a group of terminally ill patients. However, one of the patients seems intent on cheating death.

  • Series 5 Episode 4

    Since attending the superpower support group, Rudy's alter ego Rudy Two has become more of his own person. And the gang come across a bumbling old man who turns out to be more than he seems.

  • Series 5 Episode 5

    Rudy takes Finn to the superpower support group to help him get over Jess. But a girl with a mysterious power becomes infatuated with Finn and goes to extreme lengths to be with him.

  • Series 5 Episode 3

    Abby is convinced she has finally met her soulmate in Laura until childhood memories return to haunt her, unleashing a terrifying force. And Rudy's alter-ego meets Sam.

  • Series 5 Episode 2

    While the gang are out picking up litter, Rudy discovers that his dad is having an affair. With some help from Jess, Rudy investigates further and finds out his dad has a superpower of his own...

  • Series 5 Episode 1

    In the first episode of the final series, handsome barman Alex discovers that he has acquired a strange new superpower that he has to use on one of the gang

  • Series 4 Episode 8

    In the final episode of series four, Rudy's passion for Nadine is put to the test when he tries to persuade her that they have a future together

  • Series 4 Episode 7

    Alex sets off on a mission to try to recover what's missing in his life, but Jess is worried about the extreme lengths he might go to. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl called Abby arrives.

  • Series 4 Episode 6

    The gang go to a wild house party where they are stalked by a mysterious killer rabbit. While tracking it down, Rudy meets the enigmatic Nadine and finds himself head over heels.

  • Series 4 Episode 5

    Finn finally tracks down his real father, only to discover that he's close to death, then continues his sleuthing in an attempt to win Jess's affection by discovering Alex's hidden secret.

  • Series 4 Episode 4

    When Curtis's new girlfriend disappears, he discovers that she was never who she claimed to be. As he tries to find her, he uses his power to bring someone back from the dead, with disastrous results.

  • Series 4 Episode 3

    Can Rudy and his downbeat doppelganger put aside their differences to confront a dangerous face from their past?

  • Series 4 Episode 2

    Finn isn't as innocent as he looks: a dark secret he's been hiding at home is revealed. Can Seth be persuaded to come out of retirement and take a power before someone gets forced into submission?

  • Series 4 Episode 1

    New misfits Finn and Jess zip up their jumpsuits for their first day of community service, but things get strange when a man stumbles into the community centre with a power that infects the whole gang

  • Series 3 Episode 8

    The gang are shocked when a fake medium with a superpower brings familiar faces from their past back to life and they end up face-to-face with two probation workers they killed

  • Series 3 Episode 7

    Seth finds a resurrection superpower and brings his dead ex-girlfriend Shannon back to life. But the new power has unexpected consequences.

  • Series 3 Episode 6

    After a drunken one-night-stand with a mysterious girl, Rudy discovers that he has a strange superpower STD. With only 24 hours to undo the curse, Rudy asks Simon to help him find the girl.

  • Series 3 Episode 5

    While doing community service at the hospital, Kelly gets trapped in the body of a coma victim. Contains scenes involving a coma victim which some viewers may find distressing.

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    A plan to go back in time and kill Hitler goes horribly wrong and the gang end up in an alternate world where the Nazis conquered Britain

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    Still trying to fulfil his destiny by becoming SuperHoodie, Simon saves Peter, a geeky comic-book nerd, from being mugged. However, their growing friendship becomes a dangerous obsession.

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    Bored with the direction his life's taking and still banned from athletics, Curtis uses his new gender-swap power so that he can compete again, but his actions result in romantic complications

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    New-misfit-on-the-block Rudy gets a rude awakening in his first days of community service, learning that with the keys to the locker room come a lot of running and screaming, and a bit of killing

  • Series 2 Episode 7

    'Tis the week before Christmas and all through the estate not much is happening, until the gang meet Seth, a drug dealer who was also struck in the storm and now has the ability to deal powers

  • Series 2 Episode 6

    The gang become celebrity super-heroes, known as the 'ASBO Five'. But, just as they start to enjoy their new status, they discover that one particular person is not a fan of theirs.

  • Series 2 Episode 5

    Nathan is violently killed again and he suspects that Jessica, a charity worker from the community centre, is to blame. To make matters worse, Jessica targets Simon as her next victim.

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    Ollie, an environmental protester who has the power to teleport, starts his community service, but is he really destined to become part of the gang?

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    Alisha is saved from a mugging by the mysterious masked man and determines to discover his identity, but soon finds she's out of her depth. Meanwhile, Nathan begins to act strangely...

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    Nathan is shocked when Jamie, a long-lost brother he never knew he had, turns up at the community centre. The gang all go clubbing, where they take pills that affect their super-powers.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    A mysterious masked man leads the gang to Nathan's grave. And strange things start happening when Simon snubs a girl he met at the psychiatric unit.

  • Series 1 Episode 6

    The gang realise something strange is going on in the town and it looks like the Virtue organisation is behind it, but all is not as it seems and Nathan investigates...

  • Series 1 Episode 5

    Determined to prove that the gang were involved in Tony's disappearance, Sally focuses her investigation on Simon. And Curtis is trying to end his relationship with Sam.

  • Series 1 Episode 4

    Curtis tries to use his superpower to go back to the past and change what happened the night he was caught by the cops. But he discovers that changing history isn't easy.

  • Series 1 Episode 3

    Alisha is having fun using and abusing her power, but she can't seem to get the one man she really wants - Curtis. Meanwhile, Simon's online relationship with Shygirl18 blossoms.

  • Series 1 Episode 2

    The gang continue with their community service, but it's clear others have been affected by the storm. It also looks like someone knows about the killing of their probation officer.

  • Series 1 Episode 1

    After the freak storm, Kelly starts hearing peoples' thoughts, Simon can turn invisible, Curtis can turn back time, and anyone who touches Alisha falls in lust with her. But what about Nathan?

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When five young outsiders on Community Service get caught in a strange storm, they discover that they have developed superpowers

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