Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash

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The crashed plane floats on the Hudson river

Few people have faced death in a plane crash and lived to tell their tale. On Thursday 15 January 2009, 155 people on board US Airways flight 1549 met potential disaster in the sky over New York City.

Yet somehow Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger executed a textbook ditching in the Hudson river and saved the lives of everybody on board.

Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash tells the minute-by-minute story of that day through the compelling first-hand testimonies of those who were there, including passengers, eyewitnesses and rescuers.

Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash synopsis

Minutes into US Airways flight 1549 from New York, a flock of birds strikes the plane, taking out both engines. With no power, the captain must attempt the impossible: to land in the Hudson River.

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