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Miliband of Brothers

David and Ed Miliband have shared a childhood immersed in the left-wing politics of the 70s and 80s, geeky and politics-obsessed student days, and their meteoric rise through the Labour party, culminating in the ultimate sibling rivalry: the contest for the leadership of the Labour Party.

From the production company behind More4's When Boris Met Dave, which charted the careers of Boris Johnson and David Cameron, Miliband of Brothers explores the inexorable political rise and filial relationship of Ed and David.

This satirical docudrama provides an entertaining new perspective on the relationship between two brothers who, up until the leadership vote, have been supportive of each other's political careers, and shines new light on their political ambitions and influences.

The programme contains dramatised scenes incorporating archive of events from the time, supported by interviews with a wide range of people who have known and/ or influenced the brothers, including teachers, university friends, former colleagues and key Labour figures Tony Benn, Neil Kinnock and Oona King.

Miliband of Brothers synopsis

From the team behind More4's When Boris Met Dave comes this docudrama that tells the unlikely story of David Miliband and his younger brother Ed

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