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US sitcom about a newly elected politician and the man she employs to look after her nephew and niece when they are suddenly left in her care

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US sitcom about a newly elected politician and the man she employs to look after her nephew and niece when they are suddenly left in her care

Series 2 Summary

The second season of the US sitcom about a local politician who enlists the help of a male nanny when her nephew and niece are unexpectedly left in her care.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 1 - I Can Manage

    When Mel feels the pressure of balancing her home renovations with her duties at work, Joe convinces her to put him in charge of construction, but his management style isn't the best.

    Lennox is thrilled when her school drama club decides to stage a play she has written, but things soon go awry.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 2 - If You Can't Stand the Heat

    Mel is charmed by the good-looking young man who designs her new kitchen cabinets, but Joe's reaction to him leads to an argument about being too involved in each other's lives.

    Lennox is horrified when she is appointed to one of her school's student committees, until she meets the organisation's president.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 3 - Good to Go

    Mel and Joe are shocked to discover that Lennox's boyfriend Aidan spent the night in her bedroom, but Joe is even more taken aback at Mel's easy-going reaction to the situation.

    Ryder's girlfriend Holly declares that it's time for him to start shaving.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 4 - All Up in My Business

    When Joe starts to run Mel's finances he becomes convinced that her credit card statements reveal she is having an affair with a married man.

    Lennox tries to get along with her friend's new date, until he suddenly reveals that he has a crush on her. Ryder tries to decide what to get Holly for her birthday.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 5 - The Knockout

    When Mel punches a man who picks on Ryder at the cinema, a clip of the event is posted online and she becomes known as 'Battling Burke', to the delight of her political campaign manager.

    Lennox befriends Hester, a new girl at school, but Hester soon takes advantage of Lennox's kindness.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 6 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

    Mel wants to break up with her boyfriend Donald, but feels guilty as he's just been fired from his job. She asks Joe to help boost Donald's confidence before she dumps him, but Joe's lessons go a little too well.

    Holly confides a secret to Lennox and asks her to keep it from Ryder.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 7 - Mixed Doubles

    Joe sets Mel up on a blind date with his pal, but in exchange he asks her to arrange a date for him with her attractive friend Ariel. The four of them end up on an uncomfortable double date in a bar.

    Lennox's boyfriend Haskell feels neglected when all of her time is taken up with starting her own blog.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 8 - The Donor

    Mel's friend Jackie decides that she wants to have a baby and settles on Joe as the man most suitable to be the father of her child.

    Lennox and Haskell buy a rare book together, but when they discover it's worth more than they thought, they disagree about what to do with it.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 9 - Eat, Pray, Date

    Mel lets her date Travis think she is an amazing chef by failing to mention that it was Joe who made their delicious food. But when Travis asks to watch her at work in the kitchen, Mel turns to Joe for help.

    Lennox is shocked to realise one of her friends has a crush on Ryder.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 10 - Pretty Big Liars

    When Ryder decides to invest in stocks and shares, he turns to Joe for advice, but Joe thinks Ryder's choice of investment is a poor one.

    As a result, Joe deliberately fails to buy the stock, but when it turns out to be a winner after all, he must scramble to hide the truth.

    Mel is smitten with her new date Sam, who is Haskell's father, but must keep her happiness under wraps when Lennox and Haskell break up.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 11 - A Pair of Sneakers

    Mel's attempts to teach Lennox how to drive don't go very well, but when Joe offers to take over the lessons, Mel refuses to allow it.

    Joe resorts to teaching Lennox behind Mel's back, but when she has a minor road accident, he is forced to cover up the existence of his secret driving school.

    Ryder and Mel come to a confidential arrangement of their own.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 12 - Mother of All Problems

    Mel is anxious when her mother Monica pays a visit for the first time in years. But when Joe tries to smooth over the troubled relationship between the two women, he gives Monica advice that infuriates Mel.

    When a bored Lennox attempts to get out of gym class, her teacher assumes that she must be pregnant.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 13 - Wherefore Art Thou Lennox

    When Lennox starts an internship at Mel's office, she hits it off with a fellow intern who happens to work for Mel's biggest political rival, which leads Mel to accuse Lennox of disloyalty.

    Joe finally finds a new job in the financial industry, working overnight as an online consultant for a Russian company.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 14 - From Russia with Love

    Joe's Russian girlfriend Elena comes to visit but soon starts to monopolise him, leaving little time for his domestic duties, which irritates Mel.

    Ryder volunteers to help Lennox with an experiment that requires him to eat only vending machine food, but he soon regrets his generous offer.

  • Melissa & Joey

    Episode 15 - Mel Marries Joe

    Joe has offered to marry Elena in order to keep her in the USA, but a shocked Mel refuses to take part in the scheme.

    However, when things start to go wrong, Mel is forced to get involved to protect the 'happy couple'. Will Joe really go through with the wedding?

Melissa & Joey synopsis

US sitcom about a newly elected politician and the man she employs to look after her nephew and niece when they are suddenly left in her care

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