Melissa & Joey

    • Episode 1 - I Can Manage

      When Mel feels the pressure of balancing her home renovations with her duties at work, Joe convinces her to put him in charge of construction

    • Episode 2 - If You Can't Stand the Heat

      Mel is charmed by the good-looking young man who designs her new kitchen cabinets, but Joe's reaction to him leads to an argument

    • Episode 3 - Good to Go

      Mel and Joe are shocked to discover that Lennox's boyfriend Aidan spent the night in her bedroom. Holly declares that it's time for Ryder to start shaving.

    • Episode 4 - All Up in My Business

      When Joe starts to run Mel's finances he becomes convinced that her credit card statements reveal she is having an affair with a married man

    • Episode 5 - The Knockout

      When Mel punches a man who picks on Ryder at the cinema, a clip of the event is soon posted online and she becomes known as 'Battling Burke'

    • Episode 6 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

      Mel wants to break up with her boyfriend Donald, but feels guilty because he's just been fired from his job. Holly confides a secret to Lennox.

    • Episode 7 - Mixed Doubles

      Joe sets Mel up on a blind date with his pal, but in exchange for this favour he asks her to arrange a date for him with her attractive friend Ariel

    • Episode 8 - The Donor

      Mel's friend Jackie decides she wants a baby and settles on Joe as the man most suitable to be the father of her child. Lennox and Haskell buy a rare book.

    • Episode 9 - Eat, Pray, Date

      Mel allows her new date Travis to believe she is an amazing chef without mentioning that it was Joe who really made their delicious food

    • Episode 10 - Pretty Big Liars

      When Ryder decides to invest in stocks and shares, he turns to Joe for advice, but Joe thinks that Ryder's choice of investment is a poor one

    • Episode 11 - A Pair of Sneakers

      Mel's attempts to teach Lennox to drive don't go well, but Mel refuses to accept Joe's offer to take over the lessons

    • Episode 12 - Mother of All Problems

      When Joe tries to smooth over the troubled relationship between Mel and her mother Monica, he gives Monica some advice that infuriates Mel

    • Episode 13 - Wherefore Art Thou Lennox

      When Lennox starts an internship at Mel's office, she hits it off with a fellow intern who happens to work for Mel's biggest political rival

    • Episode 14 - From Russia with Love

      When Joe's Russian girlfriend Elena comes to visit she soon starts to monopolise his time, leaving no time for his domestic duties, which irritates Mel

    • Episode 15 - Mel Marries Joe

      Joe offers to marry Elena in order to keep her in the USA, but a shocked Mel refuses to take part in the scheme