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Mormon leaders in America have permitted the church in the UK to open its doors to cameras.

With unique access, this documentary follows a young British Mormon as he gives up two years of his life to convert the people of Leeds.

Twenty-year-old Josh Field from Sussex is one of around 200,000 Mormons in the UK. Mormons believe that every worthy, able young man should serve in this way, and for Josh it is an emotional and challenging rite of passage, full of sacrifice.

Like many young people his age, Josh has a regular social life, but now he must surrender entirely to church rules, and as soon as his training begins he is banned from seeing family and friends.

In line with Mormon regulations, Josh has to be in the presence of a fellow missionary at all times for the duration of his mission and can only be apart from him to go to the bathroom.

This film gains fascinating and extremely rare insight into a controlled world through the eyes of a young British Mormon dedicated to serving his Church.

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With unique access, this documentary follows a British Mormon as he seeks to convert people to his faith

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