Masters of Sex

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      William Masters, a doctor in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology at Washington University in St Louis, runs a successful practice by day and conducts a secret study of human sexuality by night

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    • Episode 2 - Race to Space

      When the sexual response study is forced out of the hospital, Masters believes Johnson is to blame and moves his work to a new location, leaving her fighting to save her job

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    • Episode 3 - Standard Deviation

      Masters and Johnson continue their research at the brothel, but skewed data confirms that Masters must get the study back into the hospital

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    • Episode 4 - Thank You for Coming

      With the study back in the hospital, Masters and Johnson recruit new participants on campus, but Johnson is shocked when her ex-husband George wants to sign up

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    • Episode 5 - Catherine

      Masters and Johnson discover that the science of sex is complicated by the mystery of attraction. Johnson tries to connect with her son and Masters frets about becoming a father.

    • Episode 6 - Brave New World

      Following Libby's miscarriage, she and Masters travel to Miami for a holiday, but Masters is soon drawn back into his work by the sexually adventurous couple next door

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    • Episode 7 - All Together Now

      Masters and Johnson continue their sexual response study, but now they are among the participants, and Johnson worries their work may be interfering with Masters' home life

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    • Episode 8 - Love and Marriage

      Masters and Johnson decide to film their work in the sexual response study. Meanwhile, the end of Margaret Scully's affair leads her closer to the truth about her husband.

    • Episode 9 - Involuntary

      Masters and Johnson push the filming of their subjects in the sexual response study to an increasingly risqué level...

    • Episode 10 - Fallout

      While hospital staff are preoccupied by a nuclear disaster drill, the pregnancy of a participant in the sexual response study drives a wedge between Masters and Johnson

    • Episode 11 - Phallic Victories/Manhigh

      As Masters struggles to carry on the study without Johnson, she attempts to help Dr DePaul promote her work on women's health