Series 1 Episode 6
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This final chapter in this comic history of the century concerns a scandal that shocked the world - the Bill Clinton story. Desmond Olivier Dingle and his assistant Raymond Box bring us their portrayal of the 'hanky pankies in the White House', which threatened to destroy the career of the world's most powerful man.

Bill knows he wants to be president at aged four-and-a-half. Teaming up with Hillary Rodham Clinton he begins a meteoric rise to political stardom, but one which teeters on the brink of failure when he begins his liaison with tea girl Monica Lewinsky.

When the scandal threatens to topple Bill from power, it's down to a few convenient bombings to save the Presidency.

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In this epic comedy series, Desmond Olivier Dingle and his historical research assistant Raymond Box attempt to reconstruct momentous events from the 20th century