Mary's Bottom Line

  • Episode 1

    Transport costs and foreign labour costs are rising, so Mary Portas thinks the time is right for British manufacturing. She decides to set up a new production line for knickers in Manchester.

  • Episode 2

    Mary Portas is launching a line of British-made knickers. She lays down the law with the new trainees before branding and naming her knickers, and finding the right models to show them off.

  • Episode 3

    Mary gears up for the launch of Kinky Knickers in time for Valentine's Day, with the three 'perfect' bottoms to model the knickers being photographed in London

  • Episode 4

    Mary and the factory work flat out to design and deliver for the all-important Christmas market, and the once faltering stretch lace industry has been given a huge boost by the Kinky Knickers brand