Series 1 Episode 4
First Broadcast: 7PM Thu 27 December 2012

As Mary and the factory work flat out to design and deliver orders for the all-important Christmas market, Mary sees how other parts of the British textile industry can be transformed with the help of British-based manufacturing.

The once faltering stretch lace industry has been given a huge boost by the Kinky Knickers brand, and a lace loom that was destined for foreign production is instead delivered to Nottingham.

Back at the factory with supervisors Lynne, Myra and Jackie overseeing training and quality control, the trainees tell Mary how the benefits of a steady job and regular pay packet have changed their lives.

With the initial nine month funding coming to an end and the trainees about to graduate, has the factory done enough to stand on its own two feet? Can Mary really sustain a successful business for future generations?

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Mary Portas wants to energise the UK clothing industry by starting her own production line to manufacture a staple in any woman's wardrobe - 100% British knickers