Series 1 Episode 3
First Broadcast: 1AM Tue 18 October 2011

The doors are finally open at Mary's first ever shop at department store House of Fraser. She's put her reputation on the line in an attempt to create the ultimate shopping experience for women over 40. But has she succeeded in filling this gap in the market?

Mary's no fool and knows her critics are waiting at the door ready to pass judgement. Will they and the all-important customers deem Mary's venture a flop?

As the excitement of the past year gives way to the realities of running a business, Mary finds herself confronting problems at every turn.

Later head office reveals its plans for the future. Summoned to talk figures with CEO John King Mary knows that if her store hasn't been hitting her bottom line it'll be a very public failure.

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Retail guru Mary Portas stakes her professional reputation on designing, launching and selling her own high-street fashion range exclusively aimed at women rather than girls