Journalist Peter Veras receives a tip from an anonymous source about a scandal in the financial world. The crushing evidence incriminates his own brother, a senior finance director.

First shown: 28 Mar 2014 Scenes of violence This programme is subtitled


1 min

A journalist is drawn into a web of lies, betrayal and dark secrets - the latest must-see Nordic noir starts 28th March on More 4



Mammon writer, Gjermund Stenberg Eriksen, reveals a little more about the story, and why Scandinavian drama is so en vogue

  • Peter Verås

    One of Norway's most and least respected news reporters

  • Tore Verås

    A cultural figure, priest, socialist and father with many secrets

  • Eva Verås

    Frightening to some - especially on first impressions

  • Vibeke Haglund

    A thoroughbred seeker of truth, but with a heart and a conscience