Make Bradford British


  • Britishness Survey Results

    Channel 4 commissioned an Ipsos MORI Poll exploring what it means to be British

  • Live Q&A

    Replay the Q&A with Sabbiyah and series editor Heenan Bhatti that took place after Episode 2

  • Diversity and Difference

    Equality and community expert Taiba Yasseen on embracing Britain's diversity and difference

  • Lessons to Learn

    Diversity and community expert Laurie Trott sets out his blueprint for a genuinely multicultural Britain

  • Why Bradford?

    Series editor Heenan Bhatti on why Bradford was chosen as a snapshot of Britain today

  • Q&A: Rashid

    Rashid was in two minds about taking part

  • Q&A: Maura

    Maura finds racism very upsetting

  • Q&A: Jens

    Jens firmly believes in adopting in British values

  • Q&A: Audrey

    Audrey is worried about the state of the city she lives in

  • Q&A: Desmond

    Desmond wants to makes a difference to Bradford