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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

Series 7 Summary

The exclusive Chelsea set are back for a seventh series with some emotional highs, some guaranteed lows, glamour and all round excitement...

  • Episode 1 - Made in Chelsea

    The last series ended on a high when Jamie won Lucy over with a grand gesture of a horse and carriage to whisk her away. But Series 7 launches, and in typical Jamie style it seems there is trouble in paradise...

    Chelsea is buzzing with news of Jamie's infidelity just a week after he publicly displayed his affection for Lucy. And Lucy is not best pleased... could this be the end of their relationship, and even their friendship?

    Alex and Binky are happier than ever after a romantic break in Goa. But Spencer is about to drop a bombshell that will test their relationship to the limit.

    And can the ongoing feud between Cheska and Victoria be resolved after Victoria's insults around the dinner table at Christmas? Victoria is determined to make a fresh start so maybe it's time for the girls to talk turkey.

  • Episode 2 - Made in Chelsea

    Despite Alex's declaration of love for Binky, rumours of his infidelity are still rife around Chelsea. Binky may believe Alex's denials, but Cheska and Fran are determined to find out the truth by grilling Stevie.

    Chelsea playboys Spencer and Jamie go on a boys' night out, which is interrupted by model Emma Miller, who Spencer was previously infatuated with.

    And Louise plans to unite the lonely hearts of Chelsea at a singles' dinner party, but the guest list includes three of her ex-boyfriends... what could possibly go wrong?

  • Episode 3 - Made in Chelsea

    It's London Fashion Week, and as Mark Francis, Binky and Louise watch for trends from the front row, Spencer's got his eye on the models - especially Emma, who might be The One Who Got Away.

    As Spencer turns on the charm, Emma weighs up her options - is the time finally right, or did she have a lucky escape the first time?

    Binky and Alex push past the rumours of Alex's infidelity and concentrate on love and romance. Binky sets up Louise with Alex's best friend Robbo, but before cosy double dating and couples' nights can get under way, Cheska is told some shocking information that threatens to break apart Binky and Alex for ever.

    Meanwhile, Victoria and Sophie get in touch with their inner gangsters when they try their hands at graffiti street art.

  • Episode 4 - Made in Chelsea

    Binky is reeling after Cheska's confirmation of Alex's infidelity and escapes to New York. Alex is unsure what to do, but Jamie wastes no time in telling him what his course of action should be.

    Spencer's plan to introduce his current girlfriend Emma to his ex backfires when Louise gives Emma some home truths about Spencer's past.

    Louise's younger brother Sam has been spending time with his ex-girlfriend Riley and is lamenting their break-up. Though Sam is confident that he can win Riley back at Rosie's Ball, he receives an unpleasant surprise when another male suitor and close friend steps in.

  • Episode 5 - Made in Chelsea

    Alex is now doubting his decision to 'call it a day' with Binky, who is heartbroken as she deals with the revelations that he cheated. Will Binky stand firm and keep her distance?

    Stephanie and Erik are on a mini grand tour of Europe and their next stop is Venice. Erik has invited Spencer to join them along with three exes and his new flame Emma. Will things progress with Emma or will he be swayed by an old flame?

    Back at home, Stevie takes Riley on a date, but her ex Sam is not happy about it. Having previously said he could get her back at any point, he now has to prove it

  • Episode 6 - Made in Chelsea

    Binky's resolve to stay away from Alex has crumbled, but can Alex prove that he's a changed man and what will the girls and Binky's mum have to say about it?

    The netball court sees the Chelsea girls get active with Team Lucy versus Team Louise, but there's soon tension between the old rivals, and, off court, Lucy drops a bombshell on Binky.

    Mark Francis' entrepreneurial spirit kicks in, and, with the creative help of Rosie and Proudlock, he sets his sights on designing the must-have accessory for any discerning Chelsea gentleman.

    Inspired by Fran's new colleague Edo, the Chelsea lot head to East London for his club night, but despite their heading out of SW3, the drama soon follows them.

  • Episode 7 - Made in Chelsea

    Proudlock invites the band Peace to come and play a gig in honour of Louise's birthday, but things are anything but peaceful...

    Binky gets close to Alex again and pushes away her loyal supporters. A clear divide forms between the girls, all of whom claim to have Binky's best interests at heart.

    While Lucy is being frozen out, Spencer has an attack of conscience and Jamie sits on an explosive secret.

    Stevie and Riley get cosy, while Sam rekindles an old flame. At a surprise party, the surprises come thick and fast and, when the final bombshell drops, Chelsea will never be quite the same again.

  • Episode 8 - Made in Chelsea

    Binky struggles to come to terms with news of fresh infidelities from Alex, while her supportive friends encourage her to end the relationship with him for good.

    Spencer finds himself under fire from all sides: Alex is furious with him for revealing to Jamie the details of his and Spencer's night with 'loads of girls'; and Louise confronts him about sleeping with Christiane, whom her brother Sam was hoping to date.

    Stevie becomes the object of Stephanie Pratt's affections, and as the complex myriad of relationships in Chelsea take their toll, Mark Francis gets away from it all by going classic car shopping with Rosie.

  • Episode 9 - Made in Chelsea

    Tension is running high between Binky and Spencer after the eventful picnic so Spencer wants to make amends, but can he repair their friendship or will Binky blame him for leading Alex down the wrong path?

    Binky seems to be isolating herself from her best friends while she gets closer to Alex again. Meanwhile, Jamie has set his sights on Riley; will she agree to a date with him, given that her new boss Lucy is Jamie's ex, and might have something to say about it?

    Stevie and Stephanie are still together, but the relationship may not have developed far enough for love-struck Stevie.

  • Episode 10 - Made in Chelsea

    Jamie's love life is once again the talk of Chelsea and Lucy isn't pleased to hear about his involvement with her former intern Riley. On confrontation, Jamie reveals his feelings for Lucy have never gone away. Where does this leave newly besotted Riley?

    Mark Francis takes Binky to Longleat with Sophie and Victoria in an attempt to cheer her up after her fight with Cheska and Lucy. But is this new alliance the final nail in the coffin for Binky's former friends?

    Meanwhile, single man about town Fordy has set his sights on a Chelsea girl, and the charismatic chef has won admirers in Louise and Fran, but can he let one of them down gently?

  • Episode 11 - Made in Chelsea

    The final episode in the current series sees Binky and Alex determined to work things out alone, but are they strong enough to withstand pushing friends away and Spencer's proclamation that everyone thinks they should split?

    As Stephanie leaves a heartbroken Stevie to return to LA, everyone else heads to Andy's epic country house party, where events come to a dramatic head.

    Jamie and Lucy appear to be getting close again, while Louise and Fordy lock lips.

Made in Chelsea synopsis

An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

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