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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

Series 6 Summary

The beautiful people of Chelsea return for a sixth series with more drama, parties and heartbreaks.

  • Episode 1 - Made in Chelsea

    After the shock revelation at the end of the last series - that Louise had spent the night at another man's house - it looks like she and Andy have got things back on track... or have they?

    Spencer and Lucy's relationship looks well and truly derailed since she found out about his cheating, but now he's comforting Louise and this isn't sitting well with Andy.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe is not happy to discover that her ex, Alex, is getting close to Fran.

  • Episode 2 - Made in Chelsea

    Following their split, Louise is determined not to give up on her relationship with Andy, and creates a plan to win him back. But can Andy overcome Spencer's growing involvement in Louise's life?

    Lucy is unimpressed when Spencer sets his romantic sights further afield, and swaps Chelsea girls for a mystery Californian.

    Undeterred by strong words from Phoebe, Fran and Alex arrange a one-on-one. Jamie treads on dangerous ground as he begins a flirtation with Lucy. And Mark Francis and Victoria introduce their fashion designer friend Sophie Hermann, as the gang watch polo at Guards.

  • Episode 3 - Made in Chelsea

    Long-time flirters Jamie and Phoebe are finally going on a date, but their romantic night out is cut short when Phoebe receives a phone call from Louise with some shocking news about Jamie...

    Stephanie is becoming very frustrated with Spencer's bachelor nights out and confronts him.

    Still reeling from Phoebe's wrath, Alex and Fran tread cautiously with their friendship, but there's further upset when Alex backs out of their candlelit dinner and goes out with Binky instead.

  • Episode 4 - Made in Chelsea

    Rosie has arranged a spa trip for the girls in a bid to heal rifts among the Chelsea set. But with Phoebe, Fran and Lucy on the same guest list, rest and relaxation is just wishful thinking.

    And having decided to see where things lead them, Jamie and Lucy continue to hook up. But it's clear that Jamie still holds a flame for Phoebe.

    Spencer is worried that his best friend is keeping him in the dark about his real intentions with Lucy and things come to a head when the gang attend Andy's first gig as a singer-songwriter.

  • Episode 5 - Made in Chelsea

    Jamie is feeling rather alone and friendless after Spencer's anger towards him and the bombshell discovery that Phoebe has a boyfriend.

    But how will Phoebe react to Fran, who is the one who has been spreading the news all around Chelsea?

    Spencer holds a dinner party for the guys and decides it's the right time to air his feelings to Jamie. Lucy and Louise put their differences behind them but plan to tell Stephanie about Spencer's cheating, and Stevie is busy trying to woo Tiff.

  • Episode 6 - Made In Chelsea

    Spencer invites a slightly wary Andy on a shooting trip and it's not long before they start to discuss their favourite subject; Louise.

    Things are hotting up for lovebirds Alex and Binky as they take a trip to the country, where Alex strives to make a good impression on Binky's mum,

    Francis is busy mentoring Stevie on how to ride a bike, while Cheska organises a jazz and cocktail evening, but drama soon follows for Andy when Louise discovers the truth about his affairs.

  • Episode 7 - Made in Chelsea

    Phoebe decides to host a dinner party, at which Spencer raises the uncomfortable subject of Jamie's relationship with Lucy and forces him to confess his feelings for her.

    Fran and Binky decide to move in together, but Fran's past dalliance with Binky's new boyfriend Alex is a cause of friction.

    Proudlock tries to ascertain whether Lucy still has any feelings for Jamie, and a huge scandal hits Chelsea.

  • Episode 8 - Made in Chelsea

    Andy is facing the fallout after Spencer and Louise's recent rumoured reunion - but can he forgive and forget?

    Binky faces questions about Alex's closeness to his first love, Phoebe, while Louise's brother Sam has his eye on a certain older and taller woman, but will his moves prove a little too smooth for the first date?

    The tables have turned on Jamie, who now finds himself chasing super-cool Lucy. Can the offer of a trip to South Africa melt her heart? And will Spencer really stand back while Jamie pursues his ex?

  • Episode 9 - Made in Chelsea

    It's safari time for the Chelsea set as they head off to South Africa. But there's plenty of excess emotional baggage to declare when Lucy finds out that Phoebe is also coming along.

    Binky and Alex are worried that they're in for a rocky first holiday with his ex in tow. And it's evident during the trip that Jamie and Spencer still have feelings for Lucy - but which of the boys, if either, will Lucy choose?

    Meanwhile, Andy meets a new love interest in Russian beauty Vitalia, but finds out that she's having an on-off relationship with Spencer.

    How will Spencer react to the news that Andy is pursuing one of his exes yet again?

    And the claws are out when Cheska, Victoria, Sophie, Louise and Rosie meet up for some tarot card reading. Cheska gets more than she bargained for and the future looks rocky for the group.

  • Episode 10 - Made in Chelsea

    Jamie's back from safari and refusing to give up on his relationship with Lucy. A drunken text from her only adds to his conviction that they're more than friends.

    After their romantic trip to South Africa, Binky and Alex are feeling the pressure to say those all-important three little words to each other.

    Spencer is irritated that Andy's new love interest is his own 'friend-with-benefits', Russian beauty Vitalia, so he wastes no time in rekindling their casual romance.

    Fran is feeling left out now that Phoebe has rebuilt bridges with Lucy and the other Chelsea girls. An apology seems the only way forward, but is Phoebe ready to forgive and forget?

  • Episode 11 - Made in Chelsea

    With the Christmas season in full swing in Chelsea, Lucy is feeling distinctly unfestive as Jamie is doing his best to avoid her.

    Alex is in an awkward position when Binky's mum invites him to spend Christmas day with them. Are things moving too fast for him?

    Cheska, Fran, Lucy and Binky go ice skating. But the temperature drops to new depths when Victoria and Sophie bump into them and frosty insults are exchanged.

    When Jamie hears from Alex that Lucy is missing his company, he decides to make one last grand gesture. But things are thrown into jeopardy when Spencer and Lucy go shopping together. Is Jamie's best friend making a play for the girl he still loves?

  • Episode 12 - End of Season Party

    Series 6 comes to an end in traditional style with the End of Season Party. Once again, Rick Edwards is the host and chief interrogator of the whole cast, including Spencer, Jamie, Lucy, Phoebe and Mark-Francis.

    Expect revelations, maybe some singing by Andy, and the exclusive world premiere of epic feature Game of Sloanes.

Made in Chelsea synopsis

An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

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