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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

Series 4 Summary

Chelsea's glitziest twenty-somethings make an eagerly-anticipated return in a new series filled with familiar friendships, heartbreaks and bust-ups.

  • Episode 1 - Made in Chelsea

    After spending the summer apart, Spencer and Louise finally catch up in the glamorous French Riviera town of Saint Tropez, where some of our Chelsea favourites have gathered to party at Victoria's new swimwear launch.

    Spencer is keen to patch things up with Louise, and put his single, partying days behind him, but there's trouble in paradise when two newcomers move in on the scene... the charming and charismatic Andy, and wingman Stevie.

    Meanwhile, back in Chelsea, Richard has been spotted around town with a mystery blonde on his arm.

    Cheska and Binky become alarmed at Ollie's increasingly strange behaviour, and, as the gang return to London, Millie helps Proudlock plan a house-warming party for his new flatmates Jamie and Francis.

  • Episode 2 - Made in Chelsea

    Binky and Jamie agree to go on their first date, but their golfing fun is gatecrashed by new boys Sam and Andy, who to Jamie's dismay decide to pot a few holes alongside them.

    Ollie attempts a date with Danielle following his revelation that he wants to date women again. But Binky and Cheska are worried about him... is he really happy?

    Spencer takes his old Eton friend Stevie under his wing, who just so happens to be Andy's best friend too.

    Everyone is suspicious, but Spencer says he's ready to make amends with Andy and invites him to his birthday party.

    But can Spencer really let things go and handle Louise being friends with Andy?

  • Episode 3 - Made in Chelsea

    Binky is far from impressed with Jamie's continued indecision about their relationship and it looks as though it may destroy any hope of them ever being together.

    Chelsea's very own Bridget Jones, Cheska, is still on the lookout for love and decides to concentrate her attentions on new boy Sam, but will her advances be welcome?

    After years of being in New York, Spencer's ex-girlfriend, Sophia Sassoon, is back in town and she's on the lookout for a British boy. Tongues are wagging at the sight of this sassy, straight-talking new addition to the Chelsea set, but who will make the first move?

    And Gabriella is back from Greece and wants to spend time with Binky, Ollie and Cheska, so they head off for a detox retreat in the country, but will their time together be as relaxing as they'd hoped?

  • Episode 4 - Made in Chelsea

    Jamie continues to pursue Binky after being turned down for a second date. He declares his feelings for her at Proudlock's party, and things seem magical, but by the next day he's had a change of heart, leaving Binky distraught.

    Andy still has feelings for Louise, much to Spencer's irritation. Looking for a healthy distraction, Andy goes on a date with new girl in town Sophia Sassoon.

    Meanwhile, Ollie and Gabriella share some heartfelt moments when he comforts her after her split with her Greek boyfriend.

  • Episode 5 - Made in Chelsea

    Cheska is determined to take Binky's mind off her heartbreak, so arranges a kinky spanking workshop and a glitzy girls' night out.

    Elsewhere, the boys have their own night out. The mood is ruined when Andy pushes Spencer too far, resulting in another showdown and Spencer going AWOL.

    Meanwhile, two new hot Chelsea girls, Lucy and Carly, manage to catch the group's eye.

    Stevie tries to steal their attention, but it's Jamie who triumphs and secures a 'date' for the next morning with Lucy.

  • Episode 6 - Made in Chelsea

    While Binky is healing her broken heart, Jamie is busy texting Lucy for a second date.

    But when Rosie throws a black-tie dinner party, Lucy is juggling invitations from Jamie and Andy. Who will she pick, and is she playing games?

    Egos are bruised and tempers flare over the salmon and champagne as an argument of epic proportions unfolds.

    Sparks fly as Francis and Sophia appear to rekindle their old flame, but events take a dramatic turn when Proudlock decides he'd like to get involved with Sophia.

  • Episode 7 - Made in Chelsea

    Andy is keen to patch up his friendship with Jamie after the fallout at Rosie's dinner party over Lucy, but who will self-confessed player Lucy choose?

    As the love triangle between Sophia, Proudlock and Francis continues Sophia begins to wonder if she has feelings for Francis.

    Binky, Cheska and Ollie's mums get together over champagne to discuss the lives of their children... and Jamie has the misfortune of stumbling across them.

    It's party time again when Andy and Stevie host a 1920s Prohibition-style party. The speakeasy is in full swing, but Jamie learns something about Lucy that changes everything...

  • Episode 8 - Made in Chelsea

    Sophia is struggling with her feelings about the love triangle that she's in when Proudlock takes her on a date to the zoo, but Francis insists they can't even hang out as friends.

    Andy and Lucy's relationship is under pressure when Lucy maintains that the rumours about her are false, while Spencer insists that she's lying.

  • Episode 9 - Made in Chelsea

    Following Lucy's angry confrontation with Spencer at the Lost Boys party, Andy meets up with her to receive some very unwelcome news.

    Spencer puts pressure on his relationship with Louise by telling her he plans to move in with Francis, Proudlock and Jamie.

    Meanwhile, Ollie, Richard, Cheska, Binky and Gabriella head to Amsterdam for a weekend of hedonism, but Binky is shocked by an unexpected arrival...

  • Episode 10 - Made in Chelsea

    There's trouble in paradise as Louise struggles with the idea of Spencer moving in with the boys. Ollie and Gabriella pick up the pieces after their Amsterdam fling.

    Chelsea's newest couple, Francis and Ashley, are growing closer, but Millie says she must tell Francis how she feels before it's too late.

    And Mark Francis brings summer back to London with a 1950s Capri-inspired party, but Jamie goes cold when he finds out who Binky has been getting steamy with.

  • Episode 11 - Made In Chelsea

    It's Christmas in Chelsea and that means parties and drama. Things have been strained between Ollie and Gabriella since their dalliance in Amsterdam. But when Cheska and the gang catch up with Gabriella, she reveals some life-changing plans.

    Torn between his feelings for Ashley and Sophia, Francis gets more than he bargained for when he meets up with Sophia to exchange Christmas presents.

    Spencer arranges a meeting between Louise and Jamie in the hope that they can bury the hatchet, but the conversation turns to problems closer to home. And, at the Christmas party, will Millie and Rosie confront Spencer on what they've heard about him from Francis?

  • Episode 12 - Made In Chelsea End of Season Party

    Rick Edwards goes to SW3 to meet the Made in Chelsea cast. There are heated chats, a musical surprise, fantasy scenes, the traditional girls v. boys showdown, and plenty of Chelsea gossip.

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An eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes

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