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Made in Chelsea The Game FAQs

Got a question about Made in Chelsea The Game? It might have been asked - erm - frequently, so check down there to see if our FAQs help you out.


  • I'm supposed to be going for a date in Broadway House (in Belgravia) but can't get in! What the flip is going on?
  • In Version 2.0 (iOS) there is an issue with the space around the door to Broadway House being very small and unresponsive (not to mention terribly exclusive darling!). You can get in – try pressing a few different places on or around the door and you should be successful! An updated version (2.1) will be in the AppStore in a few days which fixes the issue.

  • I've come back to the game and I don't have any missions to follow and no messages either! GAHHHHHHH!
  • Whoops, there was an issue with the initial release where save games have been corrupted, prolly when opening the game having not playing it for a while, or coming back from using another app. This means there are no missions to follow at the top of your screen, and your inbox will also be empty of messages. Unfortunately there's no way back from this. We're so sorry if you've been affected by it. We are submitting a fix for this and v2.2 (AppStore) and v2.1 (GooglePlay) will be available in the coming days. You can get round the problem by resetting your game via the in-game Settings screen – but you might also want to wait for the update.

  • My game keeps crashing and won't let me play. What should I do?
  • Some devices aren't powerful enough to run the game unfortunately. It's worth trying an updated version of the game in the future though, to see if we've been able to improve the problem.

  • Why can I only play as a girl?
  • Because we added such a lot of new story missions to the game, the decision was made to focus on the adventures of a female player. We're sorry to those who wanted to play as a guy! For any guys with an existing save game, you will receive an additional 25 diamonds with our love, mwah x


  • Why does the game keep crashing on my iPod Touch :( ?
  • Although the App Store stated otherwise, due to memory usage the game doesn't work on the 4th Gen iPod Touch devices. Our apologies for any confusion or frustration for those who have downloaded the game onto those devices.

  • I've got stuck looking up at my player.
  • Not strictly a question, but first things first, make sure you've tapped on the gossip bubble to release the follower birds! Otherwise, well done, you've uncovered a very rare issue. If you are unable to get out of this camera view, shut down the game and restart. Ta da! Issue resolved.

  • AGH, why does my game keep shutting down?
  • The game does perform best on the latest devices. So if you have lots of different apps running this might cause it to run out of memory and shut down. Try closing down some of your other apps – it's always amazing how many you might have open! To do this double click the home button from the home page, and close your unused apps by holding down the icon until the cross icon appears (iOS 6) or swiping the app upwards (iOS 7).

That should cover most stuff, it's all being fixed in the near future guys... but if you are having other issues, do tweet us using #micgame at @e4chelsea and we will keep our eye out for any others. And thanks for all the great feedback so far!