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Made in Chelsea


  • Spotlight on Chelsea: S12 Ep3

    This week, the Chelsea set went down to the woods and Binky got a big surprise!

  • S12-Ep3: Music

    JP and Binky's relationship meets an obstacle when Julius goes on Binky's girls camping trip

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  • Spotlight on Chelsea: S12 Ep2

    This week, a familiar face flew in from Ghana and rolled into town on his skateboard. That’s right folks, Francis Boulle is back!

  • S12-Ep2: Music

    After his confession of love, the clock is ticking for Binky to give JP her answer

  • Spotlight on Chelsea: S12 Ep1

    The Chelsea set are back in good old SW3 (hurrah) and look who else decided to join the pardy… it’s only original Lost Boi, Prudders!

  • S12-Ep1: Music

    Binky is in turmoil as ex-boyfriend JP begins to make overtures to win her back

  • S11-Ep12: Music

    Rick Edwards gatecrashes the country manor and joins the cast fresh from the eventful night before and grills them about all the drama from series 11

  • Spotlight on Chelsea: S11 Ep11

    Series 11 has rolled to a close, but Chelsea’s rich and beautiful are still fighting strong for their relationships.

  • S11-Ep11: Music

    Rosie begs Louise to give Alik one more chance. Lucy considers a reconciliation with Stephanie, while Binky refuses to believe she and JP are over.