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Chelsea's bright young things head out to New York for one big summer party

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Chelsea's bright young things head out to New York for one big summer party

Series 1 Summary

The Chelsea gang relocate to New York for six episodes

  • Made in Chelsea NYC

    Episode 1

    After voicing her views on Alex and Binky's relationship, Lucy has found herself alienated by the rest of the girls. It's not long before Lucy befriends New York fashion blogger Billie, who soon catches the eye of both Spencer and Jamie. But Lucy has other ideas for her new best friend and steers Billie in the direction of a newly single Stevie.

    Binky has also arrived in New York, and soon catches up with Rosie and Louise, who are curious as to why Alex is not with her.

    Proudlock and Stevie throw a party in their swanky New York pad, and when Proudlock introduces Louise to his friend, native New Yorker and alpha male Alik, it looks as though romance could soon be in the air.

    Binky is forced to finally confront both Cheska and Lucy over their previous bad blood.

  • Made in Chelsea NYC

    Episode 2

    Binky is getting her life back together after the revelation that she has split with Alex, but she is in for a shock when he flies out to New York to be with the gang.

    And how long will Alex stay when his loyal friend Jamie discovers that he has been trying it on with his ex-girlfriend while the gang have been in New York - is this one step too far?

    Meanwhile, Stevie and Spencer are stepping up the race to date Billie, while love might also be in the air for Rosie and Louise as they double date with Alik and his friend Jules.

  • Made in Chelsea NYC

    Episode 3

    Having unceremoniously dispatched Alex back to Chelsea, Binky turns her attention to celebrating her birthday in New York in style - celebrations that include a boat, a naked man and a very exciting surprise appearance from an old friend.

    Louise and Rosie continue to double date Alik and Jules, but while love blooms for Alik and Louise, Rosie could be heading for a fall as it turns out that there's more to the charming Jules than meets the eye.

    Spencer's nose is put out of joint when he discovers Stevie has been wooing Billie behind his back, so Spencer vows to restore the natural order of things by outdating Stevie to win the girl.

  • Made in Chelsea NYC

    Episode 4

    Despite the success of his romantic date with Billie, Stevie is uneasy when Billie agrees to go on a second date with Spencer. Lucy is agitated about Billie dating both boys, and confronts her. Love blossoms between Alik and Louise, while Rosie accepts a date with Jules. But how will she feel when she knows the truth about Jules's polyamorous lifestyle?

  • Made in Chelsea NYC

    Episode 5

    Stevie is walking on air after his victory in the battle with Spencer to win Billie's affections, but Spencer is still adamant he is in with a chance. Fate may have helped out too as Stevie's ex-girlfriend Stephanie pays a surprise visit to New York. Things are hotting up with Alik and Louise as he invites her to the Hamptons, at the same time as Billie and Binky plan a girly getaway. But Spencer and Jamie have got wind of their trip and plan to surprise the gang there.

    Meanwhile, Rosie is reeling from the news that Jules has multiple girlfriends, but some of the Chelsea gang are intrigued by his lifestyle choice... no prizes for guessing who!

  • mic_NYC_07_625x352

    Episode 6

    Following a glorious summer in New York, Mark Francis hosts a little boat affair on the Hudson before the gang go home to Chelsea.

    Louise and Alik are avoiding the realities of their impending separation, and their friends are pessimistic about the chances of a long-term relationship. Will the transatlantic lovebirds find a way to make it work?

    Stevie finds himself in another love triangle, and this time he's in the middle. Will he stay true to Billie, or will his New York girl be cast aside for Stephanie? Did Billie make the right decision in choosing Stevie over Spencer?

    Everything comes to a head, and it's sink or swim as the series comes to a dramatic end.

Made in Chelsea NYC synopsis

Chelsea's bright young things head out to New York for one big summer party

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