Made in Chelsea

As some of the Chelsea gang head to Mauritius, there's trouble in paradise for Tiff, who starts to wonder if she and Sam want different things out of their relationship

First shown: 27 Mar 2017 Strong language and scenes created for entertainment This programme is subtitled

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E4 Mon 03 Apr, 9pm Series 13 Episode 3

Series 1-12 available on All 4


Made in Chelsea is back with a bump!


Binky's Baby Party

This week, the Chelsea set saw it all… sun, sea and the sex of Binky and JP’s baby buh!

Official Series 13 Playlist

The Chelsea clan head to Mauritius, which calls for sun, sea and sizzling tunes

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Chelsea Style Secrets - New Episodes

  • The 70s

    Jess, Louise and Toff embrace 70s disco glamour in boho dresses and platforms

  • The 80s

    Lashings of bright make-up and hairspray, as the girls mimic their mums in the 80s

  • The 90s

    It's oversized blazers and hair scrunchies for Toff, Louise and Jess in their 90s makeover

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    The MiC girls raid the fashions of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Judge every fabulous, distinctive look for yourself!

In Bed with Jamie - Available Now

Made in 360

Mark Francis entertains two distinguished guests - in glorious 360-degrees!

Driven to Distraction

Louise Thompson shows us how to put on make-up. At 60mph.

More Shorts

Discover what makes the Chelsea cast tick, as they open up about love, sex, relationships and what it means to be a good friend.

Misbehaving in Chelsea - Now on All 4

  • Steph Gives JP a Facial

    How much food can Steph balance on JP's face without him realising he's being had?

  • Steph Seduces Sam

    Steph takes on the ultimate challenge to catch Sam with his pants down... literally!

  • Alex Strips for Rosie

    Alex ramps up the awkward on an unsuspecting Rosie - first with some extreme oversharing, and then a sexy strip tease.

  • Jess Teaches Mark Yoga

    Mark Francis is tricked into performing absurd "yoga" exercises by Jess, Louise and Steph. Need we say more?

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How loud can you OMG? Watch some unbearably uncomfortable MiC moments and find out.


Mark Francis detests sleeping bags, rejects battered fish and won't be touched by joggers.


Follow the jet-setting Chelsea cast around the world and catch their best holiday moments.

Victoria... as Jess

Can Louise and Victoria recreate Jess' scruffy chic look?

Louise... as Victoria

Louise and Jess compete to create Victoria's elegant look

Jess... as Louise

Can Jess and Victoria pull off Louise's eclectic style?

Educating Binky

  • Ep8: Royal Weddings

    Binky finds herself clad in a big white dress after Mark is inspired by the rich history of royal weddings.

  • Ep7: The 20s

    Cocktails and debauchery are the order of the day dressing Binky as a cheeky roaring twenties flapper girl.

  • Ep6: Punk

    Mohawks, anarchy and bumflaps (eek!) are unlikely territories for Mark Francis, but the perfect punk inspiration for Binky.

  • Ep5: Regency

    Marky ramps up the opulence and channels gilded 18th century luxury as he turns Binky into a proper Regency princess.


Work out with the Chelsea cast and stay in shape! What better way to get fit for St.Tropez and looking hot for The King's Road?

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Volume 3 of the official Made In Chelsea Soundtrack is out now! It's packed with the best music from the show including exclusive new tracks from NYC

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