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Love, Virtually

Virtual love has never been bigger. In 2010, seven million of us will sign up for internet dating, a fifth of whom will find love online, and 12 million dates will be organised online.

Dating websites are no longer stigmatised as a weird pastime for young people, and nearly two thirds of over-55s who are single are now using them. The internet has completely changed how people conduct their love lives, from long-distance relationships and keeping tabs on a crush, to obsessing about exes... and partners' exes.

Lucy Robinson is a growing sensation in the blogging world. Her online diary, The Final Countdown, entertains thousands of readers with its frank and humorous tales from the frontline of internet dating. Lucy spares no detail of her cyber-love adventures, confessing freely to rampant internet stalking and imaginary love affairs with men she's never even met.

In Love Virtually, actress Claire Wood portrays Lucy in a fictional documentary, at critical moments in her cyber love life: her first internet dates, her secret stalking of her new boyfriend and her heartbroken weeks with only the internet for company when it all goes wrong.

As well as following Lucy's experiences, the documentary interviews several other internet-dating-savvy women, and provides an absorbing and comical glimpse of love in the 21st century: a time where new relationships are very often three-way affairs between man, woman... and the internet.

After all, why sit around in a hedge with a long-lens camera when you can find out all you need to know at the click of a mouse?

Love, Virtually synopsis

First Cut explores love in the digital age, from internet dating to long-distance relationships, keeping tabs on a crush, and obsessing about exes... and partners' exes

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