Series 1 Episode 6
First Broadcast:

It looks as if Tracie, Christine and Janine are all lucky in love, for the time being at least. Janine and Ben are still going strong, despite their religious differences, and even Janine's mum is happy - because she's convinced they'll split up if the relationship gets too heavy.

Christine's new romance with Peter is very heavy, and they couldn't be happier. He has whisked her off to 'Milano' for the weekend, and sightseeing is way down their list of priorities.

Tracie is off to the ball with Brickie, her smooth-talking date who arrives at her home in a stretch limo. It's all too much for Tracie, whose nerves are in pieces - but what about her heart?

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A six-part documentary that follows a group of single women trying to find love in this vibrant city