Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 1AM Thu 26 October 2006

Jim Broadbent stars in this intelligent feature-length drama about Lord Longford, which recounts his now infamous meetings and correspondence with Myra Hindley.

A prison visitor since the 1930s, Lord Longford was an unconventional politician whose liberal views courted controversy. A devout Catholic, Longford was determined to translate faith into action, and continued visiting the abandoned and despised in jail until the end of his life. However, it was his retirement from government in 1968 that gave him the freedom to take up his most unpopular cause of all.

The drama recounts Longford's now infamous meetings and correspondence with Myra Hindley. Reflecting the media furore of the time, it seeks to show what this eccentric man was really like and explores the reasons behind his steadfast passion for Hindley's case. It also asks if, in his conviction that Hindley should be given a chance of rehabilitation, he ultimately sacrificed his good name and reputation for her.

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Compelling feature-length drama set in the last three decades of Lord Longford's life, during which time he waged a controversial campaign to win parole for Moors murderess Myra Hindley