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Having been falsely convicted of treason, maverick ex-government agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is offered a pardon and his freedom. But there's a price: he much rescue the president's daughter, Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace), who's been taken hostage by the violent inmates of the extraterrestrial penal colony to which she had been sent on a goodwill visit.

Thus the scene is set for a series of frenetic set pieces, a plethora of wisecracking one-liners, and a muscular heroic turn from Pearce, as Snow sets out to infiltrate the jail, retrieve Emilie and escape the violent inmates.

Some critics compared the film to cult action and sci-fi movies of the 1980s, in particular Escape from New York, with which it shares a tough but humorous swagger.

The screenplay is co-written by the directors with Luc Besson - no stranger to action vehicles, with the Transporter, Taken and Taxi franchises under his belt.

Co-starring Joseph Gilgun (of This Is England), Peter Stormare, Lennie James and Vincent Regan.

(2012) Cert: 15