Location, Location, Location

    • Episode 21 - London Cardiff Revisit 2017

      Phil catches up with two sets of family planners - civil partners Ally and Jo in London, and Steve and Jo in Cardiff. Did the two couples find the right nests?

    • Episode 20 - South West London Revisit 2017

      In London, Phil Spencer catches up with Krystle and Sam, who wanted a fun party pad near the river, and Jason and Jaye, who found Clapham beyond their budget.

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      Episode 19 - South and West London Revisited 2017

      Phil Spencer catches up with two couples, who took their first steps on the property ladder in London, and how they got on after making compromises on their preferred areas

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Episode 18 - Harrow and Bristol Revisit 2017

      Phil catches up with two couples who were struggling to find suitable first marital homes - Rupreet and Sundeep in Harrow and Paul and Elly in Bristol

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
    • Episode 17 - Hertfordshire 2017

      Kirstie helps an American buyer come to terms with the smaller scale of British homes. And Phil offers expert guidance to some property first timers.

    • Episode 16 - Northern Ireland 2017

      Phil househunts in Bangor for Lynn, who's been blind since birth. In Belfast, Kirstie Allsopp seeks a home to share for two busy doctors living far apart.

    • Episode 15 - Oxford and Gloucestershire

      Kirstie helps first-time buyer Tim in Oxford, where average prices are 14 times the average salary. Phil helps a family in Gloucestershire who need a home with a studio and a granny annexe.

    • Episode 14 - East Lothian and Wolverhampton

      Phil Spencer catches up with Ian in East Lothian, and musicians Darren and Me'sha in Wolverhampton, who needed room for a recording studio

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      Episode 13 - Essex & Hetfordshire 2017

      Kirstie househunts in Essex for long distance lovers Justin and Christie. And Phil Spencer shows risk-averse Cara and Ben around Bishop's Stortford.

      This episode is subtitled48 mins
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      Episode 12 - South Coast 2017

      Kirstie searches around Hove for a home for a family with a list of criteria as long as your arm. And Phil helps a couple move from Lancashire to the South Downs.

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Episode 11 - Newcastle 2017

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer go on a property hunt for two couples in the north east, visiting trendy Heaton in Newcastle and the Tyne Valley

      This episode is subtitled48 mins
    • Episode 10 - North East London

      Kirstie searches for a starter home for ballet dancer Nicol and his brother Harry. And Phil Spencer helps Tinder success story Hiren and Priyanka go on a property hunt.

    • Episode 9 - Birmingham 2016

      Kirstie and Phil are in Birmingham. Kirstie helps indecisive Elle and fiance Ed find a home, while Phil advises Ben and Laura on relocating from Bristol.

    • Episode 8 - Greater Manchester and Cheshire

      Kirstie and Phil meet Jacinta and Marco, who are looking to upgrade, and Olivia and Amy, who are hoping to relocate

    • Episode 7 - Bath 2016

      Kirstie and Phil help first-time buyers Laura and Phil and downsizing duo Kerrie and Dave - who hope to move closer to their kids

    • Episode 6 - South East London 2016

      Kirstie and Phil help sisters Ruth and Anna, and first-timer Aba, search for properties in south and east London in the week after the Brexit vote

    • Episode 5 - Essex

      Kirstie helps a couple with a young son find a home in Chelmsford. Phil's with Jemma and Graham, who returned from Los Angeles three years ago and want to settle in Southend-on-Sea

    • Episode 4 - The Peak District

      Kirstie's with single mum Anne and her son Vinnie, while Phil searches for a dream home for Andrea and James

    • Episode 3 - Warrington and Crosby

      Kirstie helps Andy and Jenny find their first home near Warrington. And Phil helps businesswoman Margot find a forever home in seaside town of Crosby.

    • Episode 2 - Amersham and Berkshire

      Kirstie helps Stuart and Lara find a property near Amersham in Buckinghamshire. And Phil helps with Randhir and Sheetal's urgent home search in Berkshire.

    • Episode 1 - Southampton and The New Forest

      Kirstie and Phil help two sets of first time buyers struggling to find homes in the south of England