Location, Location, Location

    • Episode 17 - Leeds & South East London Revisit 2018

      Phil catches up with Charlie and Hayley in Leeds and Nicki and Rob in south east London. What's new with the two couples and what happened next with their property searches?

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      Episode 15 - London, Surrey & Hampshire Revisit 2018

      Kirstie and Phil revisit Lia and Andrew, who were hunting in London in 2014, and Sue and Allan, whose in 2015 search covered a wide swathe of Surrey and Hampshire

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
    • Episode 14 - Hither Green & Bath Revisits

      Phil revisits Keon and Zoe in south London and Laura and Phil in Bath, catching up with the latest on their lives and properties

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      Episode 13 - Norfolk

      Kirstie Allsopp revisits two sets of house-hunters who were searching along the Norfolk coastline and English Riviera. There have been huge changes in their homes - and their lives.

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Episode 12 - South Wales and Wye Valley

      Kirstie is in Barry with a couple feeling shellshocked by the property market. Phil Spencer visits the Wye Valley and joins Will and Aby's search for a country home.

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Episode 11 - Bournemouth

      Kirstie and Phil help two single parents looking to bring their families together, as well as a family stuck in a rental rut

      This episode is subtitled47 mins
    • Episode 10 - Reading 2018

      Kirstie and Phil go property searching in Reading, helping a dad and daughter trawl Caversham, and teachers Richard and Jo - who need a family home before term starts

    • Episode 9 - York 2018

      In York, Kirstie and Phil help Tom and Timna find a first-time family home, while Rich and Kirsty seek a house they can grow into

    • Episode 8 - South West London, 2017

      Kirstie searches Balham and Putney for a pair of nervous first timer buyers. Phil looks for an Aussie-proportioned property in the Thames Valley.

    • Episode 7 - South Devon, 2017

      Kirstie searches for a property in a small seaside town where there's nothing on sale. And Phil Spencer meets a couple looking for a place to raise chickens.

    • Episode 6 - Edinburgh, 2017

      Kirstie and Phil help a couple whose search has gone a bit floppy, and an American couple hoping to settle in one of the city's priciest areas

    • Episode 5 - Nottingham, 2017

      Kirstie and Phil help two sets of buyers come to terms with the competitive property scene in Nottingham, where trendy homes in the right spot are scarce

    • Episode 4 - Croydon, 2017

      Kirstie and Phil are down with the kids in Croydon helping two sets of buyers get their collective foot on the tricky London property ladder

    • Episode 3 - Bristol 2017

      Kirstie and Phil are in and around Bristol, with a couple looking to start a family, and a mum and daughter seeking a sound investment

    • Episode 2 - Weybridge

      Kirstie and Phil help Louise and Johnny find a family-friendly pad in Weybridge, and Ros and Alex who want a countryside home.

    • Episode 1 - Kent 2017

      Kirstie and Phil visit Kent, where a family of six need a new home while some London buyers seek something idyllic by the sea