Location, Location, Location


  • Balham and Tooting

    Jemma, Matt and Chris all hopped onto the property ladder in some South London hotspots. Here are the flats they viewed.

  • Herefordshire and Derby

    They ended up in rural Herefordshire and suburban Derby - but here's where this week's couples went along the way...

  • North London

    The London market is moving faster than ever, with property prices climbing sky-high. Here are the homes our couples looked at.

  • Norfolk

    In the countryside and by the sea, Kirstie and Phil's househunters perused a lot of Norfolk property. Here are the details.

  • South Gloucestershire and Bristol

    A forever family home and a newlywed pad were on the shopping list in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Here's what was on offer...

  • Essex and East London

    Anisha and James hunted for their dream home in pricey East London, while Tom and Lisa had a £1m budget to work with in rural Essex

  • Liverpool and Sandhurst

    Emma and Kelly were down south, Kate was up north, and there was a lot of meeting in the middle... Find out more about the properties and prices from this episode.

  • Crystal Palace and Canterbury

    Kirstie and Phil revisit two of their previous projects - a retiring vicar and his wife buying their very first house together, and an arty couple looking for a home in trendy south East London

  • Buckinghamshire and Berkshire: Estate Agents and House Prices

    From Reading to High Wycombe and all that lies between, this week's househunting pairs had their sights set on commuter belt bargains. Get the details here

  • West Midlands: Estate Agents and House Prices

    If you took a fancy to any of the city centre or suburban Birmingham properties our househunters looked at in the show, you can find out more about them here