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Leap Year

Anna (Amy Adams) is living a contented life in Boston, or she would be, if only her heart surgeon boyfriend (Adam Scott) - currently working in Dublin - would pop that all-important question.

Deciding that she's waited long enough, and encouraged by her Irish father, who reminds her of the tradition of women proposing to their beloved on the 29th of February, she hops on a plane to Ireland.

However, the Emerald Isle's weather defeats even her steely determination and forces the flight to land on the other side of the country from the capital. Now she has limited time to get to Dublin, a long way to go and a pub-owner-cum-taxi driver, Declan (Matthew Goode), who, though handsome, is a little too testy for her liking.

But as the pair make their slow way towards her goal, they gradually begin to view each other differently...

(2010) Cert: PG

Leap Year synopsis

Amy Adams and Matthew Goode star in this transatlantic romcom from Anand Tucker, the director of Shopgirl and Red Riding

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